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Are you still struggling to make a conversation in English? Do you often feel, English is not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, we have something for you!

Become fluent in English with the Advanced course content of Fluent Fast Academy. Learn Grammar practically, and dive into the advanced vocabulary topics. Hone your pronunciation skills, and build a strong personality with us, at Fluent Fast Academy.

Learn and practice English with the experts, online at your convenient time. Enhance your confidence, fluency, accuracy, and personality from any corner of the world. Enroll today to learn the advanced level of English.


The advanced course of English language at Fluent Fast Academy is curated for two months. Where you have the liability to choose any of the class schedules according to your convenience.


  • Regular Classes – 2 Months
  • Weekend Batches – 3 Months

We are also offering our first class FREE!

Sign up today and start learning English like never before.


Fluent Fast Academy is a one-stop destination for learners all over the world, who wish to hone their English skills. Herewith us in our advanced English course you will learn about,

  • Tenses – Present, Past, and Future (Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous)
  • Modals
  • Conditionals
  • Voice change – Passive voice & Active voice
  • Role Play Activities – Group Discussion, Team Discussion, Storytelling Session, Accents of American and British English, Public Speaking


We at Fluent Fast Academy, make sure you learn English practically and in a fun way. On joining the course, you will be provided with the following, to help you learn English.

  • Live interactive classes
  • Downloadable videos
  • Personal doubt session
  • Mock tests and practices
  • Speaking, writing, and listening practice programs
  • Group discussions


This course is specially designed for students who hinder making conversation in English or get hesitant to face the public. This is an advanced course so if you are a student or graduate or an employee and wish to be confident while speaking, or writing English, you are welcome to join this course.

This course is ideally designed to make learners confident during an interview or in daily life while speaking English.


The Advanced course at Fluent Fast Academy will help the learner to perceive all-around development. On joining the advanced course of English at Fluent Fast Academy you will be not only benefited from experienced faculty but also will learn:

  1. Superior memory function, on learning a new language like English.
  2. Improve and widen Employment opportunities
  3. Accessible to the world education system
  4. Improvement in Communication skills
  5. Start a new life in English speaking country
  6. Boost confidence

Well, these were a few out of many benefits of joining the advanced course of English at Fluent Fast Academy. So, are you still contemplating joining or not? Don’t lose this opportunity to grow and glow, with the advanced level of English communicating skills. Join today!

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