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Advanced English Course


  • 2 Months

Classes Schedule:

  • Regular Classes (2 Months)
  • Weekend Batches (3 Months)


  • Present (Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous
  • Past (Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous
  • Future (Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous


  • Can, Can be, Can be+ Past participle, can have
  • Could, could be, could be+ past participle, could have+ past participle, could have been+ past participle.
  • Should, should be, should be+ past participle, should have+ past participle, should have been+ past participle, should be+ present participle
  • Would, would be, would be+ past participle, would be+ present participle, would have+ past participle, would have been+ past participle, would like to
  • May, may be, may be+ past participle, may have+ past participle, may have been+ past participle
  • Might, Might be, Might be+ past participle, might be+ present participle, Might have+ past participle, might have been+ past participle
  • Must, must be, must be+ past participle, must be+ present participle, must have been+ past participle
  • Has to/have to, has/have to be+ past participle
  • Used to, used to be
  • Going to


  • Zero conditional
  • First conditional
  • Second conditional
  • Third conditional

Passive Voice

  • Present, Past and Future
  • Use of There/ Use of It
  • Use of Let/lets
  • Position Sense
  • Preposition Phrases
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Imperative Sentences
  • Causative verbs
  • How to write an email
  • How to write a job letter (salary hike, Promotion, resign and applying for a job)
  • Question Tags
  • Special and complex sentences
  • Extensive translation exercise

Role Play Activities

  • Group discussion
  • Team discussion
  • Story telling session
  • Listening accents of American and British English
  • Public Speak

Good For: This course is good for those students who can make a conversation but when they meet in person, in an interview or at the time speaking in front of public they get hesitated or they get blanked or sometimes they don’t know what vocabularies they should use. Or this course is also good for those students who make a lot of mistakes while writing an email, report and article etc.

Exams and Test: Every week we conduct speaking, grammar, listening and writing test. So that candidates can find their mistakes during the course and they can work upon them.

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