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French B1 & B2 Course

French B1 & B2 Levels

The intermediate B1 Level French Learning Course, at Fluent Fast Academy, is a fun and effective way to improve your grammar and vocabulary while learning new words and expressions.

Learn French and improve your knowledge of the language with this intermediate B1 level French course. This course will teach you to speak, read and write in French more fluently by learning the grammar and vocabulary required at this level.

Our intermediate B2 French course is designed to take you further than your previous level, with B1-level French speakers who are looking to advance. This course will help you to develop your skills in reading, listening and speaking, as well as writing through interactive audio and video lessons. You will be able to speak confidently at work or in social situations with the minimal of effort.

Diploma Course in French
(Level B1-B2)


  • Regular classes (5 days a week) 4 Months
  • Weekend classes (2 hours on each day) 4.5 months

Course Fee:

  • Contact us for fee discussion
Grammar Topics

  1. Times of the past
     - Past tense or Imperfect
     - Agreement of the past participle with the subject (auxilliare être)
     - Past participle agreement with COD (auxilliare Having)
     - Past Perfect
  2. The future
     - The simple future (plans for the future)
     - The near future (more or less distant future)
  3. The present conditional
     - The wish (I would like, I would like, I would be happy to)
     - Desire
     - The board
     - The hypothesis (imaginary facts)
  4. The past conditional
     - regret reproaches him
  5. Speech related to the present and the past
  6. The concordance of times
  7. The subjunctive
     - possibility, obligation, verbs of feelings, verbs of opinions
  8. The passive description of an 'On' action
  9. The gerund
     - the way
     - the condition
     - simultaneity
  10. Expression of the hypothesis
     - The certain hypothesis: If + Present / future
     - The uncertain hypothesis: If + Imperfect / Conditional present
     - Regret: If + More than perfect / Past conditional
    - The regret: If + More than perfect / Conditional present
  11. Double pronouns
  12. Simple relative pronouns: who, that, whose, where
  13. Possessive pronouns
  14. Demonstrative pronouns
  15. The restriction: only ...
  16. Simple interpersonal expressions
     - It is forbidden to
     - It is useful to
    - It's important to
  17. Temporal localization
     - Expression of duration (during / since)
     - The expression of the moment (in / there is)
    - Adverbs of time: expression of the future and the past
  18. Spatial localization
    - prepositions and adverbs of place
  19. Adverbs of manner
  20. The comparison
     - the superlative of the adjective
    - the adverb superlative (the better, the better)
  21. Negation
     - without ~ ment
  22. Chronological articulators of discourse
    - first, then, finally, first, second
  23. Logical articulations
     - cause: therefore, since
     - consequence: like, then
    - opposition: yet, while
  24. The conjunction "so that" + subjunctive

Cultural Content

  1. Holidays in Spain.
  2. The typical Spanish music.
  3. The tradition of the Birth.
  4. Tips in Spain.
  5. Superstitious in the Hispanic world.

Class Activities

  1. Role play
  2. group discussion
  3. presentation
  4. storytelling
  5. listening practice through audios
  6. videos

For more information about the course and placement :

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At our French B2 Course, we have carefully collected the best teaching methods and methods to increase your fluency in French. The course is made up of interactive audio and video lessons with clear structure and frequent practice passages. Our aim is to provide a stimulating learning environment that will motivate you to continue studying and improve your fluency. 

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