B1 And B2 Level Spanish Diploma Course For Beginners By Expert
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B1 & B2 levels in Spanish

Diploma Course in Spanish
(Level B1-B2)


  • Weekend (5 months)
  • Weekdays (3.5 months)

Course Fee:

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In this course we cover whole grammar of Spanish, Tenses, Modals, Passive Voice, Subjunctives and long passage translation (Spanish to English and English to Spanish), Group discussions, Team discussions, Presentation, Interview sessions, storytelling, Language accent and expressions, Industry knowledge, Spain and Latin American cultures, Job interview, and a lot Spoken practice in Spanish

  • Express oneself reasonably fluently about past, present and future events, as well as a variety of topics that are of interest to them.
  • Answer, ask, summarize, communicate and offer your opinion with certainty on topics of interest or every day, even if you ask them to repeat it a few times.
  • Understand, in general terms, simple and brief speeches.
  • Find and understand information to achieve a goal such as guiding oneself in the city, renting a car, instructions for cooking a dish, etc.
  • Express emotions and respond to feelings such as surprise, happiness, interest, indifference.
  • Refer to actions or situations from the past.
  • Express intentions, conditions and objectives.
  • Ask others to do something.
  • Offer and ask for help. Accept it and reject it.
  • Express agreement or total or partial disagreement.
  • Express and ask if you know something or know something or someone.
  • Formulate hypothesis.
  • Apologize for something you have done and react to an apology.
  • Ask about someone's mood or health.
  • Introduce a topic or opinion.
  • Put examples. Organize elements and parts of the speech.
  • End an intervention or general conversation.
  • Show that someone's conversation is followed.
  • Indicate the desire to continue, or keep communication active.

  1. Holidays in Spain.
  2. The typical Spanish music.
  3. The tradition of the Birth.
  4. Tips in Spain.
  5. Superstitious in the Hispanic world & a lot of practice on different-different topics.

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