Fluency Course (Duration: 3 Months)
Course Fees:
Good For:-

This course is good for those who understand, read, write and speak average English and wish to further improve their English language skills.

Course Details:-
  1. Group Discussion
  2. Team Discussion
  3. Presentation on current topics
  4. Giving a speech
  5. Role play activities
  6. Situational conversation (general talk and walk n talk etc.)
  7. Interview session
  8. Advance vocabulary session
  9. Interaction based on Current Affairs
  10. Free talk
  11. Letter writing skills (Job letters)
  12. Mix translation exercises
  13. Long passage translation
Activities to improve Reading and Speaking skills
  1. Interview skills
  2. Reading story so that you can improve your vocabularies
  3. Listening practise so that you can understand the context by listening
  4. Picture Reading to narrate a story/incident
Language Basics
  1. How to make the sentences
  2. Tenses and their applications
  3. Modals
  4. Use of Let and Lets
  5. Use of Passive voice
  6. Causative verbs
  7. Expression of Time
  8. Conditional Sentences
Personality Development
  1. Presentation Skills
  2. Meeting Decorum
  3. Managing stress
  4. Dress Code and Body Language
Classes Schedule:-
  • Regular Classes (1.5 hours daily)
  • Weekend Batches (2.5 hours classes each day)
  • Exams and Test:-

    Every week we conduct speaking, listening, grammar and writing test. So that students can find their mistakes during the course. And after the test we help them to improve those things.

    Three Demo Classes are free.