A1 Level French Course For Beginners By Expert Trainer
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For beginners (A1 level)


  • Regular classes (four days a week) 2 Months
  • Weekend classes (2 hours on each day) 2 months

A1 Vocabulary Topics

  1.  Alphabet 
  2.   Numbers
  3.   Family name & Given Name
  4.   Residence
  5.   Personal items
  6.   Classroom objects
  7.   Nationalities
  8.   Professions
  9.   Marital status (married / single)
  10. Countries & Cities
  11.  Hobbies
  12.  Family
  13.  Time
  14.  Prices
  15.  Weather / Climate
  16.  Date
  17.  Days of the week
  18.  Descriptions (small, big, old, young, etc)
  19.  Colors
  20.  Seasons
  21.  Places
  22. People: Family, Physical description 
  23. Places: Cafe, Restaurant, Shops, Bank, Post office, Hotel, Road 
  24. Hobbies: Sports, Going out, Shows, Holiday trips
  25. Public transportation: Subway, Train, Bus, Taxi 
  26. Daily Life: Work, Shopping, Daily activities
  27. Accommodation: Units in the house, interior decor
  28. Everyday objects
  29. Food ingredients, Cooking, Meals, Recipes
  30. Common animals 
  31. Countries & Cities
  32. Itinerary, Weather forecast
  33. Actions in daily life 
  34. Events: Meetings, Evening out, Family events, Visits, Excursions, Accidents, TV news
  35. Money and payments

  1. Personal subject pronouns
  2. Tonic pronouns
  3. Present tense - State, Description
  4. Common verbs: be, have, do, to be called 
  5. ER Verbs: to live, to work, to talk
  6. Verb: to understand (I and You forms)
  7. Conditional for politeness (I would like to) 
  8. Interrogation (the 3 forms)
  9. Interrogative words: Do you, what do you
  10. Interrogative pronouns: Where, When, How much
  11. Interrogative adjectives (what)
  12. It is / This is / Here
  13. Definite and Indefinite articles
  14. Zero articles for professions
  15. Cardinal numbers
  16. Demonstrative adjectives
  17. Masculine/Feminine & Singular/Plural   
  18. Agreement of Adjectives (for nationalities)
  19. Some descriptive adjectives (big, small,) 
  20. Position of adjectives
  21. Affirmative and Negative sentences
  22. Negation (not) 
  23. Possessive’s to show belonging
  24. Possessive adjectives
  25. Partitive articles (of the)
  26. Adverbs of quantity (a few, a lot) 
  27. Uncountable
  28. Countable
  29. Impersonal 'it' for the weather 
  30. Expressions of time (now, this morning, tomorrow)
  31. Expressions of time (days, months, seasons, year)
  32. Expressions of Place: go to / come from + a city or country; live in + a city or country 
  33. There is / there are
  34. Connectors: and, or, but

When you finish this level you’ll be able to understand and use familiar everyday expressions. You’ll have the tools to introduce yourself and others and to ask and answer questions about personal details such as where do you live, people you know and things you do. You’ll be able to interact in a simple way when the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

Good For:- (This is good for everyone who does not know anything of French Language, Especially it serves best to the 10+2 students who can do it while pursuing their graduation and after completing A1 level French course, You can go for A2 level, Graduate people can also do it easily and make their career in French language.)

Exam Pattern:- 1st Exam(Grammar:100 Marks), 2nd Exam( Written Expression:100 Marks), 3rd Exam (Oral: 50 Marks)+ 50 Marks of Class performance (interaction & reading).

Activities In The Class

👉 French Language Training at Fluent Fast Academy has a really vibrant atmosphere where you get much more than just French training, as part of our French language courses, we offer exciting activities every week and try to differentiate them as much as possible, and mixing a bit of culture with fun games, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a professional, homemaker, a school student, or a college student.

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