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French A2 Level


  • Regular classes (four days a week) 2 Months
  • Weekend classes (2 hours on each day) 2 months

A2 Vocabulary Topics

  • Talk about yourself, your educational background, your job, your family, your neighborhood
  • Talk about your hobbies and daily activities
  • Ask for goods in a shop where goods are displayed
  • Order a meal in a restaurant if dishes are either displayed or illustrated on the menu 
  • Book a hotel room (face to face)
  • Ask for basic services in a post office or bank
  • Indicate the nature of a medical problem to a doctor
  • Make inquiries about a journey at a travel agency
  • Use public transport (buses, trains, and taxis)
  • Ask your way and give directions
  • Buy tickets
  • Read notices, posters, catalogs, timetables, brochures, menus, advertisements, signs
  • Write notes and simple messages
  • Note down times, dates, and places from notice boards and announcements
  • Note down instructions and requests such as client orders and delivery dates.
  • Describe events and daily activities

A2 Grammar Topics

  1. Present Simple tense - Habit, State
  2. ER, IR, OIR, and RE verbs
  3. Pronominal verbs: verbs reflechis and pronominal verbs
  4. Common verbs, e.g.: come, go, do, know, see, take
  5. Some Verbs + infinitive: want to, able to can do
  6. Have to + infinitive
  7. Past Simple - events in the past 
  8. Past participles
  9. Imperfect tense - descriptions in the past (it was, there was)
  10. Imperative - Affirmative and Negative - for instructions and commands
  11. Near Future Tense
  12. Future simple tense -
  13. Recent Past tense - to have just done sth
  14. Present Progressive - to be in the process of doing something
  15. Interrogative adjectives and pronouns
  16. Adjectives - Position and Agreement
  17. Possessive adjectives and pronouns  
  18. Demonstrative pronouns
  19. Transitive and Intransitive verbs - Direct and Indirect object 
  20. Relative pronoun 'there' - place
  21. Relative pronouns - who, that/which
  22. Prepositions of time: when, while
  23. Prepositions of place: go to, be at, come from + a place
  24. Connectors: but, because

When you finish this level you’ll be able to understand and use familiar everyday expressions. You will be able to share your past, present, and future experiences.

Good For:- (This is good for everyone who has completed A1 level in French Language)

Exam Pattern:- 1st Exam(Grammar:100 Marks), 2nd Exam( Written Expression:100 Marks), 3rd Exam (Oral: 50 Marks)+ 50 Marks of Class performance (interaction & reading).

Activities In The Class

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