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German online classes

Best Spoken German Classes Online

Levels of our Online Spoken German  Classes

There are 6 levels of our Online Spoken German Classes and our classroom training course for serving you with intense and exertive knowledge that you require to enlighten yourself with these language levels.

A1-Level: This level states that you are able to easily answer the normal and generic kind of questions of the German language and you can also give answers with ease.

A2-Level: This level makes you eligible for answering the basic German questions as well as you would become capable of participating in everyday conversation.

B1-Level: After studying this B1-Level, you will become eligible to grab the knowledge of simple texting, writing good German language without any sorts of errors.

B2-Level: This level includes numerous kinds of information in the German language and after accessing and acquiring this B2-level, you will become eligible to participate in higher-grade discussions.

C1-Level: If you will attain the knowledge completely at this level, you can easily go easily for reading the newspapers, preparation the essays and you can also read the literature section, which is a kind of artistic articulation of any language. And this part is really very hard for you to perceive.

C2-Level: If you attain this level, it means that you have gained complete German language knowledge. After grabbing this level, you will find that you have complete access to the idioms and phrases of German and you will also be able to Speak the German Language Fluently.

Trainer Profile at Fluent Fast Academy German Online Spoken Course


  • German Trainers at Fluent Fast Academy are professional language and communication trainers with a minimum of 10+ years of experience and expertise in training students to learn German
  • You will get training from proficient German Trainers who are capable of training the students in all the six levels of the German language
  • Our German Trainers serve students with equal emphasis on the reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills of the German Language
  • German Language Trainers at Fluent Fast Academy train and hone students to speak fluently in German
  • Our German Instructors serve students with in-depth training in the Grammar and Structure of the German Language
  • Our trainers at our German Spoken Classes in Delhi guide and support students to clear the global certification exam for the German language namely Goethe-Zertifikat
  • Here you will get the required individual attention and assistance to speak German fluently

German Certification Training Online

Our Online German Certification Course serves students with complete hands-on training of the German language with certification upon the completion of the course. Our German trainers are professionals with a minimum of 10+ years of experience in training the students to learn the German language. Our German language trainers also assist and support you to clear the global certification exam Goethe-Zertifikat for the German language.

Benefits of Joining Online Spoken German Classes or Classroom Training at Fluent Fast Academy

  • Best and simple learning modules
  • Expert teachers who are well versed with extensive experience in Teaching German Language
  • Flexible course timings & flexible batches
  • Multiple batches. Weekend batches are also available

Why German Online Spoken Classes & Classroom Training at Fluent Fast Academy?

  • Highly qualified German-speaking tutors with experience of decades in German Training.
  • Here plenty of Practice Exercises in German are available for transforming you into an efficient German speaker.
  • You will get complete guidance for clearing Goethe A1 to Goethe C2 Certification that serves you with Global recognition.
  • Flexible Batch Timings- Weekend, Weekday, Fast Track German Spoken Classes online.
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