Grammar Course (Duration: 2 Months)
Course Fees:
Good For:-

This course is good for those who don’t know anything about English or those who want to learn from beginning or for those who wish to learn English from beginning (Basic grammar).

Course Details:-

Here we cover all grammar – (Simple Sentences)- (Pronunciation) – (Articles) - (Tenses- Present, Past, Future)- (Modals- Can, Could, Should, Would, May, Might, Used to, going to, has/have to, had to, will have to and will be able to)- (Use of It and There) - (Passive Voice)- (Direct-Indirect speech) – (Parts of Speech – noun, pronoun, adjective, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, verbs and interjections)- (Mix translation exercise)- (Unseen Passage)- (Use of Let/Lets)- (How to tell the time in English) – (Imperative sentences) - (Vocabularies) – (Writing letters) – (How to write job letters) – (Causative verbs) – (Phrasal verbs) – (Question Tags) – (Idioms and proverbs)

Classes Schedule:-
  1. Regular Classes (1.5 hours daily)
  2. Weekend Batches (2.5 hours classes each day)
Exams and Test:-

Every week we conduct speaking, listening, grammar and writing test. So that students can find their mistakes during the course. And after the test we help them to improve those things.

Three Demo Classes are free.