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Group discussion topics for 2021

Group Discussion topics for 2021

Group Discussion Topics for Improving English

  1. What is the best use of having an internet connection?
  2. What is the best use of having a smartphone?
  3. What can we do to decrease pollution levels?
  4. How can we stop wasting papers?
  5. How can we make some strict laws against Rapists in India?
  6. Should it be necessary to give a smartphone with an internet connection to small kids?
  7. Should it be necessary to stop using Polly thin bags instead of jute bags? And why?
  8. If you were a doctor so would you do something for your country? How?
  9. If you were a principal of your school so how would you maintain the school and what kind of discipline you would maintain?
  10. If you were the prime minister of your country, what kind of decision you would make towards poor people?
  11. If you were CM of your state then what would you do? Explain in 15-20 points?
  12. What kinds of things you have to face in Delhi on a daily basis? Explain?
  13. Who is responsible for pollution? Explain it in 10 to 15 points?
  14. Give a solution to stop child labor.
  15. Is watching movies on Netflix for a child is good or not? Why?
  16. What are the conditions of Govt Schools & Pvt Schools in India? Discuss?
  17. What are the conditions of Govt Hospitals & Pvt Hospitals in India? Discuss?
  18. Why do Indians think that Western culture is better than Indian Culture? And why western people prefer to live in India? Discuss?
  19. What are the benefits of studying regularly or distance?
  20. Difference between online marketing and offline marketing.
  21. What are the differences between Govt job or Pvt job? Discuss.
  22. Cricket should be made a national game or not?
  23. Abortion should be legalized or not?
  24. Celebrities should smoke in movies or not?
  25. Wine shop should be closed or not?
  26. Cricketers should advertise or not? Why?
  27. Globalization is really necessary or not?
  28. Camera mobile should be used in historical places or not?
  29. Is paperless office is a reality or not?
  30. Agricultural should be stopped or not?
  31. Income tax should be finished or not? Why?
  32. Daughters are more caring than boys or not?
  33. Should there be an age bar in politics?
  34. Can we do something about increasing the population or not?
  35. Hindi should be our national language or not?
  36. Should people change their mentality towards girls or not?
  37. Is social media killing our memory or not? How?
  38. Should national anthems be played in an Indian cinema hall or not?
  39. Is social media actually connecting people or not?
  40. Should triple talaq be banned in India or not? Why?
  41. Tobacco must be banned yes or no?
  42. Which country would you like to visit and why?
  43. My favorite place to visit and why?
  44. How do you spend your summer vacation?
  45. Reading is a good habit.

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