It is a best place to learn English and Spanish. Before I was not able to speak English Fluently. I came to know this institute through a friend and I joined and I improved my Speaking as well as my writing skills. And the best part of it. They provide listening material. Thanks “Fluent Fast Academy””


Fabulous training by Fluent Fast Academy, amazing learning environment and it’s a fun learning Spanish here, I am an Advocate and Now I can deal with my Spanish client. I would recommend to all join this Academy to improve your language as well as your personality.”


I have learned Spanish only because of Ashish Sir, Nothing comes up from doing it from DU. Amazing trainer. Thanks Sir. You are a great person”


I am learning Spanish from “Fluent Fast Academy” and Ashish sir is a great language trainer who is training us according to the industry. Best of all institutions in Delhi yet, affordable fee and descriptive language training give us immense pleasure to learn it with interest. (Intermediate Level)”


I enjoy the language with Ashish sir, he teaches it such as we are here just to enjoy the language and I believe that career success is certain after I have done my language course from “Fluent Fast Academy”. I am also a B.Tech.”


I have no words for Ashish sir, he is just too good at training Spanish language and the language is a great career booster itself. I was an engineer before joining Spanish at “Fluent Fast Academy” and you won’t believe that I left engineering and doing it with the passion to make my career in it. Superb classes with Ashish sir, affordable fee and a lot of enjoyment here. I just love the language. (Intermediate level).”


I am a student of Beginner level at “Fluent Fast Academy”. This is the Best Spanish institute in Delhi and Noida to learn Spanish. When I joined this institute I did not know about a career in Spanish but Now I am very much aware of it, there are many students who speak very good Spanish and all our seniors have been placed in MNC’s after doing Spanish course from here. I have completed 2 months here and I can read Spanish and understand many things too. I would rate it 10/10. (Diploma Level)”


My name is Pradeep kumar, here I improved my public speaking skills or best part is sir provides listening audio to improve our comprehensive skills in a language. Before joining here I could not clear any interview but after three months course from here I placed in Concentrix. Thanks Sir.”

Vinay Sahi

Hi everyone My name is Vinay Sahi. My English was not good and I had mother tongue issue because I am from Banaras. But i joined “Fluent Fast Academy” and The change I have seen in me I have never had that experience in other language institute. I have done Spoken English Course and after that I joined Spanish Diploma because I came to know that Spanish is demanding now these days. And it’s fun learning Spanish here. The way Mr Ashish Sir teaches is awesome. Thanks Sir.”

Tamanna Shaikh

Hey everyone I joined this Academy in 2016 and I have done my “Advance Intensive Diploma in Spanish from here, I came to know a lot about Spanish language and culture and the best part of this academy is they provide 100% job placement in MNCs. I placed in I-energizer. Thanks Ashish Sir.”

Tanya Gupta

After joining this academy I improved a lot even Sir has helped me to improve my pronunciation or MTI. Now I am working as a Teacher in a Pvt school. I would like to say thanks to Ashish Sir.”


Basically I come from UP so I had MTI but Sir has helped me a lot now I am working in IT company. Even I have improved presentation skills as well. Thanks Sir.”


I would say this is the best place for learning languages in Delhi or in Noida. because fee is affordable and environment here is friendly. I cleared my interview because of Ashish Sir. Thank you so much sir.”

Aman Ansari

I enrolled myseld here in Public speaking course, I learned presentation skills, how to speak in a GD, Improved my writing skills, I know now how to write email. Great experience learning here. I placed in Concentrix Guru-gram.”

Rajnandini Sharma

Hola Amigos,My name is Rajnandini and I am doing BA From Delhi University, Along with my graduation I am doing Spanish course from “Fluent Fast Academy”. I am very happy after joining this Spanish Institute in Delhi. The environment is great and positive for each student, motivational faculty and career counseling. I have finished my B1.1 level. Here they give pronunciation training, I have attended so many presentation sessions, GD sessions, Storytelling sessions in Spanish here. Here they give interview training in Spanish as well so that all students can get selected in MNCs. I would like to say thanks to Sir. (Intermediate level student)”

Archana Chaudhary

“Ashish Sir helped me to prepare my job interview. And right away, I got a great job in HCL as MD. His method made me more self-confident with my English and my communication skills, so I recommend his courses to everybody!” Thanks "Fluent Fast Academy".”


Hi everyone my name is Rohit, I am sharing my experience with you I had completed Advance Diploma in Spanish from Delhi University but due to not speaking well I got rejected many times during Interview but I got to know about FF Academy through a friend and I took a demo class where I met Sir and I cleared all my doubts about Spanish Industries. After completing my spoken spanish course from here I got selected in I-energizer. Now I receive handsome salary and I would say If you want to get selected in an interview or want to work in Spanish Industries you should join here because they are experienced professionals. Thanks ”


I have done my Advance Intensive Diploma from here and now I am working in Genpact with handsome salary. This is one of the best place for learning Spanish in Delhi and Noida. Fees are very affordable for all. Thanks”


Hello everyone, My name is Arvind. I had completed my Advance Diploma in Spanish from University of Delhi but due to lack of speaking I was not selected in many interviews then I got to know "FF Academy" through a friend then I took demo class where I cleared all my doubts about Spanish Industries and all. After completing Spanish Spoken Classes from here I got placed in I-energizer. Now I am happy and I receive handsome salary. Thanks Sir”

Priyranjan Jha

I would like to share my heartily thanks to “Fluent Fast Academy” which has helped me to build my career in the field of Spanish language and made me independent. My “Spanish language course has benefited me a lot into switching my English job to the Spanish one. Now I can say that I am the Spanish language professional. Thank you so much "FFA". ”


I am extremely happy to say that I have got a job just after 5 days of my exams of Diploma course, I am highly thankful to “Fluent Fast Academy” for making me a successful Spanish professional. It is just an amazing course with less amount of fee and you get placed once you are done with your Diploma. I would rank it even more than 10/10. I am able to enjoy my life on my own now. Thanks (Diploma Student)”


I am very happy to learn Spanish from “Fluent Fast Academy”, I instantly got a high paid job in MNCs just after completing my course. It is the best Institute to learn Spanish in Delhi and affordable too for all class of students. I would recommend this academy to all.”

Yogita Gupta

I am Yogita. I work in Indian Oil before joining here I had a lot of problem in English. So I joined "Fluent Fast Academy" and I would tell you that I have improved my speaking fluency and oral comprehension. Highly recommended if you need to practice your English and other foreign languages. Thanks Ashish Sir.”


Hey all My name is Subodh. I am goverment employee in SBI. With Ashish Sir’s method I have learned with a positive attitude and I have enjoyed the experience because I have progressed much. Thanks”

Saurav Shreevastav

“I had very little time to prepare for an interview in English, I had a rather poor level of English. I contacted "Fluent Fast Academy" and Sir helped me to prepare for the job interview and thanks to that I got the job. I am here taking Public Speaking Classes. I have improved much. Thanks”

Sijay Pal

“Thanks to Ashish Sir I have lost my fear of speaking English. I have eliminated my frustration and started to enjoy this language.” Now I am working in Corporate sector and now I can speak without making any mistake. ”

Saurabh Sakhya

Hey guys I would like to share my experience with "Fluent Fast Academy" Here I learned Public Speaking and Now I am learning Spanish "Advance Intensive Diploma in Spanish Language and Culture". I get all training which are needed to learn foreign language. Like Spanish listening activity, Spanish movie and Show, Storytelling, Presentation, Debate and Group Discussion. I enjoy every session. Thanks”

Sarmistha Dhara

“Over the years I’ve been grateful to have found this course. I found it excellent to learn in “context” as Ashish Sir teaches. It’s true that grammar is important but his method is more convenient, safe, effective and the most important thing is that you don’t get bored with time. On the contrary, it becomes more interesting every day. Now I work in a MNC in Gurgaon. Thanks”


“Ashish Sir has given me the motivation and resources necessary in just a couple of months to improve my level of conversation to the point that I highly recommend this teacher. Thank you”

Ruchi Gupta

“Fluent Fast Academy” has played an important role to build my career. I am working as a Spanish language expert in I-energizer and getting paid well. I suggest you do Spanish Course from “Fluent Fast Academy” to learn the best. Thanks”


I improved my fluency during three months course here. If you are looking for a best institute in Noida to learn English you must contact here. They will help you. Thanks”


I recommend "FFA" to people who want to learn with affordable fees as I got fluency Now I am working in HCL. I earn handsome salary. Thanks”

Dolly Sharma

Hey I have completed my Intensive Diploma from Fluent Fast Academy and I have got a Job in Concentrix because of this academy. I would recommend to all who want to get a bright career in foreign language industries. Thanks”


I have no words for Ashish Sir, He is just too good at training us and the language is a great career booster itself. I was an engineer before joining Spanish at “Fluent Fast Academy” and you won’t believe that I left engineering and doing it with the passion to make my career in it. Superb classes with Ashish sir, affordable fee and a lot of enjoyment here. I just love the language. (Diploma level)”


I have to say if you want to learn conversational Spanish in three months you should definitely come here. Sir is awesome the way he teaches us. Actually I had to visit Spain because my company was sending me and I had only three months to go. I took private classes with him and the training he gave me it was comprehensible as they say. Thanks Sir”


If you want to learn foreign language in affordable fees you must join here because the way they give training its better than the other institutes and fees are less than others. They have practical and fun way lessons. I have done my Advance Intensive Diploma in Spanish from here and now I am working in LBF travel. Thanks”


I have done Fluency Course from here now I am good at writing mails and speaking. I would give 10/10. And now my son is learning French from this Academy. They have good environment of learning foreign language. Thanks”

Astha Bharti

I would like to share my heartily thanks to “FF Academy” which has helped me build my career in the field of German language and made me independent. My “German language course has benefited me a lot into switching my English job to the German one. Now I can say that I am the German language professional.”


I joined this place for learning English grammar, Because I used to make a lot mistakes while speaking but after 15 days of joining, I learnt all methods of grammar which we need at the time of speaking and writing, thank you so much Ashish Sir, You are great mentor.”


I would like to recommend this institute to all for learning English. Because I have learnt English from here, and because of Ashish Sir I have been placed in concentrix in gurgaon , And I got fluent only in three months because his way of teaching is so practical and he uses his own material which help you to improve your vocabulary. I would say in three months I have got lot of vocabularies. This is the best institute for learning English In Noida and IN Delhi. Thanks Ashish Sir”


I have done public speaking course from here and now I am learning Spanish because After completing Spanish Diploma many students got selected in MNCs and they get handsome salary. I am enjoying every classes here. They have great environment of studying. Thanks”


I have finished my course from here in English, I joined Fluency Course now I can Speak and write well and now my kids are learning Spanish from this Academy. They have good facility and training. Thanks”


You will never find a training in Spanish language like here. They are experienced professional. And they pay fully attention towards their students growth and career. Thanks”


I was struggling to read Winny the Pooh in Spanish, and I gave up on ever attempt to read Harry Potter. After this seven week summer intensive class, I can now read Harry Potter and Jane Austen in Spanish, and pick out subjunctive tenses. Thanks Sir”

Topacio from Venezuela

Hey guys my name is Topacio, I am from Venezuela. I had difficulty in English due to that I was not confident because my mother tongue is Spanish. Ashish is a great teacher. He is flexible and knowledgeable both in Spanish and in English. His level of English makes learning difficult concepts even easier. Once He realizes what his students need, He varies his lessons to meet their goals. Thanks ”

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