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B2 Spanish Course

Are you planning to learn Spanish proficiently? A B2 level student will be able to understand the main ideas of complex texts in the Spanish language that will deal with concrete and abstract ideas, including the technical and non-technical texts together.

Once one completes the Spanish B2 level language learning course, he will be able to interact with the native speakers of Spanish with a sufficient degree of fluency and spontaneity, so that the communication seems effortless.


 B2 level Spanish course focuses mainly on the ideas of the complex text of the Spanish language. Basically, on the concrete and abstract ideas, including topics such as technical discussions in their concerned field of discussion.

People with a knowledge of Spanish B2 level language learning can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for any of the party.

The syllabus of the Spanish B2 Level

  • Understand, react and give their opinion on a wide range of issues related to their specialty, expanding and defending their ideas with complementary and relevant aspects.
  • Make a review about various topics of interest, be it a film, a book, a play, etc.
  • Ask, answer and argue, often showing remarkable fluency and ease of expression.
  • Write, synthesize and evaluate information from various sources to reason against or in favour of a specific point of view.
  • Understand any type of speech: personally or in broadcast speeches, although it may present difficulty with the inadequate structuring of speech or the use of idiomatic phrases.
  • Transmit what was said by others.
  • Relate information through causal, final or concessive expressions.
  • Show up for or against an idea or proposal.
  • Justify and argue an opinion.
  • Express judgments and assessments.
  • Express possibility or impossibility.
  • Express surprise, joy, grief or disappointment.
  • Express fear or worry
  • Express gratitude and react to gratitude.
  • Give instructions to others.
  • Prevent and warn.
  • Call attention to something.
  • Formulate good wishes when saying goodbye.
  • Know how to participate in social exchanges with certain formality.
  • Highlight certain aspects of the speech.
  • Write letters according to the usual uses.
  • Correct what you said yourself.
  • Summarize what someone else has said.
  • Express partial agreement, Judge or assess.
  • Express prohibitions.
  • Express disinterest and boredom
  • Give encouragement and reassure.
  • Recommend and ask for recommendations.
  • Yield the choice to others.
  • Superstitions in the Hispanic world.
  • The typical music of Spain.
  • The tourist places in Spain & etc.

. Revisión de todo lo anterior. Ampliación.

. Estilo indirecto pasado (1ra. Parte).

. Imperativo negativo irregular. Colocación del pronombre.

. Presente de subjuntivo.

. Subjuntivo vs. Indicativo.

. Verbos que rigen subjuntivo siempre.

. Verbos que rigen subjuntivo en negativo.

. Conjunciones: CUANDO, PARA QUE, AUNQUE.

. Condicional simple.

. Imperfecto de subjuntivo (si hay tiempo).

Once one completes the Spanish B2 level language learning course, he or she will be rewarded with a course certificate, helping them with more job opportunities.


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