Live Spanish Workshop

Are you wondering where to start learning Spanish from? Are you tired of scrolling various websites and going through their advanced syllabus? Well, you can end your search here!

Fluent Fast Academy is here to help you all with the Spanish language learning course.

All you need to do is register for our 90 minutes workshop.

”Just Attend This 90 minutes Workshop & I Will Show You ”How You Can Become Fluent In Spanish” Using My Method”.

Why Attend This Workshop?

  • It helps you to take the right decision in learning Spanish
  • It helps you to interact with your tutor
  • It helps you to understand my methodology
  • It helps you to understand if you can learn it or become fluent using right method

What my student says

Who can join this workshop?

This is good for everyone who does not know anything of Spanish Language, whether you are a college student, school student, job professional, or a home maker.

Workshop Date: 16th Oct
Time: 2 pm IST

Spanish Mastery Program Reveales…

A Simple & Highly Effective Method

To Speak Spanish With Amazing Fluency, Confidence, And Style!

No Previous Knowledge Or Experience Is Required

This workshop will teach you the exact method to learn Spanish from scratch. Don’t just take my word for it, Here’s What Others Have to Say

Why should you learn from me?

I am Ashish, a Spanish language expert & communication skills coach. I am also a founder of Fluent Fast Academy Pvt Ltd. I have taught more than thousands of students in my last eight years career. 

I have helped people to speak, read, understand,& write in Spanish as well as I have helped a lot of students to crack Spanish interviews. 

Many students have passed DELE Spanish Exam because of my training.


What all will you learn?

Tap On Each Of These Tabs To Know

You will learn why should learn Spanish and its benefits

You will learn where Spanish is spoken and in how many countries it is spoken officially

You will get to know if Spanish is easy to learn or not. 

You will learn how to pronounce its alphabets and after that I will show you how you can read only after understanding its pronunciation

You will learn how to introduce in Spanish and others

You will get to know how much time you will need to become expert in Spanish and when you can earn from this language

You will get to know what certification you will require and from where.

You will also get to know about me and our academy Fluent Fast Academy. And what we do to make you fluent.

My Students

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