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german language course

In today’s world where you can get everything at your fingertips, learning German has never been so easy. Now you can learn German online, at your ease, from the best faculty with flexible timings. Whether you are a beginner or someone looking to hone your German-speaking skills, we will help you all. Learn German like a pro and get certified today.

Learning German isn’t a difficult task if you get the right guidance from the beginning. With our German language classes, we provide the student with in-depth knowledge about the language. The course will include grammar, pronunciation, and expressions, helping you learn the language from the basics. The course is particularly the A1 and A2 levels.

    On completion of the A1 & A2 level of German language learning course, the learner can:

    • Make familiar use of Phrases
    • Introduce own self & others
    • Facilitate communication in a clear and slow processed manner
    • Share his/her personal information in German
    • Exchange everyday basic information
    • Can also talk about immediate needs in a simple German manner

    Course Structure

    The duration for A1 and A2 level German language learning course will be,

    • Regular classes (5 days a week) which will run for 2 months (each level), Else you may opt for,
    • Weekend classes (2 hours on each day) which will run for 2 months

    You may choose any of the class timing, according to your ease.

    Why choose us

    Fluent Fast Academy is the best when it comes to learning German. We have successfully taught 5000 students from all over the world in the past 10 years. After completing the foreign languages course from Fluent Fast Academy, they have been successfully placed in top MNCs, and travel companies. Here are a few out of the many advantages of joining Fluent Fast Academy, for a German language learning course.

    1. Learn from the expert – We provide the best faculty, who themselves are the native speakers of the German language.
    2. Practical learning methods – Group discussions, webinars, assignments are given to trainees regularly to assess them with practical language learning aids.
    3. Flexible timings – Online classes will help the learners to join the classes anytime, anywhere.
    4. Personal doubt session – For students to clear their doubts personally from their language trainers.
    5. 100% job placement assistance – After the completion of the course we will help you get a job in your interested field.
    6. Affordable – Fluent Fast Academy provides language learning courses at minimal rates, and so is one of the most demanded language learning institutes.
    7. Get certified – On completion of the course, each student will be also provided with a government-certified certification.

    Learning a nonnative language in today’s world is high in demand. It will help you get a job, help you get that long-awaited promotion, and will help you travel the world. learning from the right source is important, who will motivate you and not let you give up. Trust us for the same. Learning German is fun, and interesting. We make sure to help our students in the easiest way possible, so join today and experience the best faculty teaching you German, with modern teaching aids, online.

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