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French A2 Level Course

The A2 Level French course at Fluent Fast Academy is the right choice for you if you are looking to improve your skills in the French language. The course is suitable for students who have completed the A1 level and are looking to sharpen their skills further.

The course will help you develop your vocabulary and speaking ability, which will enable you to communicate more fluently with native speakers. It also covers topics such as business culture, economics, art, geography, and culture.

The course is designed to teach you how to use French in real-life situations so that you can be able to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life.

Course Details


  • Regular classes (four days a week) 2 Months
  • Weekend classes (2 hours on each day) 2.5 months
Course Content

A2 Vocabulary Topics

  • Talk about yourself, your educational background, your job, your family, your neighborhood
  • Talk about your hobbies and daily activities
  • Ask for goods in a shop where goods are displayed
  • Order a meal in a restaurant if dishes are either displayed or illustrated on the menu 
  • Book a hotel room (face to face)
  • Ask for basic services in a post office or bank
  • Indicate the nature of a medical problem to a doctor
  • Make inquiries about a journey at a travel agency
  • Use public transport (buses, trains, and taxis)
  • Ask your way and give directions
  • Buy tickets
  • Read notices, posters, catalogs, timetables, brochures, menus, advertisements, signs
  • Write notes and simple messages
  • Note down times, dates, and places from notice boards and announcements
  • Note down instructions and requests such as client orders and delivery dates.
  • Describe events and daily activities

Grammatical Content

A2 Grammar Topics

  1. Present Simple tense - Habit, State
  2. ER, IR, OIR, and RE verbs
  3. Pronominal verbs: verbs reflechis and pronominal verbs
  4. Common verbs, e.g.: come, go, do, know, see, take
  5. Some Verbs + infinitive: want to, able to can do
  6. Have to + infinitive
  7. Past Simple - events in the past 
  8. Past participles
  9. Imperfect tense - descriptions in the past (it was, there was)
  10. Imperative - Affirmative and Negative - for instructions and commands
  11. Near Future Tense
  12. Future simple tense -
  13. Recent Past tense - to have just done sth
  14. Present Progressive - to be in the process of doing something
  15. Interrogative adjectives and pronouns
  16. Adjectives - Position and Agreement
  17. Possessive adjectives and pronouns  
  18. Demonstrative pronouns
  19. Transitive and Intransitive verbs - Direct and Indirect object 
  20. Relative pronoun 'there' - place
  21. Relative pronouns - who, that/which
  22. Prepositions of time: when, while
  23. Prepositions of place: go to, be at, come from + a place
  24. Connectors: but, because

If you want to enhance your professional and everyday French language skills then A2 LEVEL FRENCH LANGUAGE LEARNING COURSE is for you. It serves as a great platform to boost your confidence as a communicator in the French language.

This intermediate-level will help you to have short conversations effectively and open doors for many professional opportunities.

Who can join French A2 level

The intermediate A2 Level French Learning Course, at Fluent Fast Academy, corresponds to the basic users of the French language, especially the ones who have completed the A1 Level. It is also good for the ones who are well versed with the basic French expressions in day-to-day lives.

The intermediate A2 Level French course, at Fluent Fast Academy is a structured and practical approach to learning the French language. You will be provided with a structured set of learning materials, which will enable you to learn new vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

The Fluent Fast Advanced A2 Level French course will help you improve your ability to speak, read and write French at an intermediate level. If your goal is to communicate with native speakers or at least get a good grip on their language, then this class is just right for you!

Once you complete the A2 Level French Language learning course at Fluent Fast Academy, you will be able to understand French better. It will help you to communicate more fluently among professional groups. This level helps you to use the grammatical structure of the French language. One can efficiently use French expressions in everyday tasks and also exchange information informal as well as formal matters. Overall this eminent course is a door to many fascinating career opportunities.

What are we offering

Fluent Fast Academy’s French A2 course is designed to develop your skills as an intermediate learner. You will learn to understand complex sentences that require more than one clause or main idea and use modal verbs correctly and conjugate them correctly. 

You will also be introduced to imperative sentences, which require action or reaction from other people (request/requesting/requesting someone’s help etc).

A2 Level French Language learning course at Fluent Fast Academy provides an engaging and vibrant atmosphere for learning the French language. The learners are exposed to various fun games to make French learning an interesting activity. It’s a platform where learners can personalize their learning experience. A2 Level French Language Course provides you with:

  • Live Interactive classes
  • Expert faculty
  • Free study material
  • Group discussions and monthly assessment tests
  • Personal doubt sessions
  • Practical learning methods
  • Affordable Prices
  • Government verified certificate
  • 100% job assistance

In our French courses, you will learn how to speak and understand French from the point of view of a native speaker. This means that you will hear the language spoken in a natural way so that it sounds like you are talking normally.


It takes 2 to 2.5 months to learn French A2 Level. You need to complete A1 level for that you will be eligible for the next course. And after the class you have to practice 1 hour per day daily.

Learning French is easy if you are a beginner. You have to complete A1 and then you will be eligible for A2 level. But, taking classes with us is not only fun but also very efficient, as there is a high rate of success, we can assure you.

In our A2 French course, you learn about vocabulary and grammar in the French language to have a good understanding and communication of the language. You will not only be able to read but also master writing. Also included is a pronunciation guide which helps you understand how to pronounce words properly so that people can understand what you are saying! We look forward to helping you find your place in this unique language!

A2 French course is one that teaches the fundamentals of the French language, so you have a solid foundation to build upon. We focus on vocabulary, grammar and phonetics.

French learners who are at an A2 level can use their language skills to communicate with French speakers in familiar areas of life. Learning specifically about the context in which they live, they can understand everyday expressions and phrases. At this level, they can also have a conversation with French-speaking colleagues on familiar topics.

By the time they reach A2, French learners have the ability to start interacting with native speakers and comfortably talk on familiar topics.

Yes, at this level students are able to speak fluently about the conversations, events and topics of the target language for a course. They can answer questions using the appropriate answers, read simple texts and exchange information with native speakers of the language via telephone or in person.

The best way to prepare for the DELF A2 exam is to read regularly, speak on simple topics, listen short stories in French. In our training we guide you step by step and conduct a weekly test so that you can check your progress also we conduct the final exam at the end that is similar to DELF which helps the students to know that they are prepared or not

The A2 examination is open to everyone and no previous diploma is required. If you think that you are ready for this level, you can take the DELF A2 without A1, it will not affect your result

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