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German Online Classes

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Welcome to Your Gateway to Seamless German Language Mastery!

Embark on an enriching linguistic journey with our tailored German online classes. We understand that your time is valuable, and that’s why we’ve curated an immersive and flexible learning experience designed to suit your schedule and learning style.

Discover the convenience of mastering the German language from the comfort of your own space with our comprehensive German online course. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an advanced learner seeking fluency, our expertly crafted curriculum caters to all proficiency levels.

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We offer
  • German
  • A1 level
  • A2 level
  • B1 level
  • B2 level
  • C1 level
  • C2 level

According to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), our German Language Online Course is classified into 6 different levels. Know more about these levels.

German A1 online classes, designed to cater to beginners eager to explore the beauty of the German language. At Fluent Fast Academy, we understand that a strong foundation is the key to language success, and our A1 courses are tailored to provide just that.

Why Choose German A1 Online Classes with Fluent Fast Academy?

1. Structured Curriculum: Our A1 online classes follow a structured curriculum, focusing on essential vocabulary, basic grammar, and foundational language skills. Each lesson is strategically planned to build a solid base for your German language proficiency.

2. Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced and dedicated instructors who are passionate about teaching German. Our experts guide you through the nuances of the language, ensuring that you grasp the fundamentals with confidence.

3. Interactive Learning: Immerse yourself in an interactive and engaging learning environment. Our online platform incorporates multimedia resources, interactive exercises, and real-life scenarios, making your learning experience both enjoyable and effective.

4. Flexible Schedule: Life is busy, and we understand that. Our German A1 online classes offer flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Whether you’re a working professional or a student, our classes are designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule.

5. Personalized Support: Every learner is unique, and we recognize that. Receive personalized support and feedback from instructors to address your specific learning needs. Our goal is to ensure that you progress confidently through each level of proficiency.

6. Real-Life Application: Gain practical language skills from day one. Our German A1 online classes emphasize real-life applications, enabling you to communicate effectively in everyday situations.

What to Expect from German A1 Online Classes:

– Introduction to German Alphabet and Pronunciation: Lay the groundwork by mastering the German alphabet and pronunciation to build a strong base for further learning.

– Basic Vocabulary and Expressions: Acquire essential German vocabulary and common expressions needed for day-to-day communication.

– Simple Grammar Structures: Learn fundamental German grammar structures to construct basic sentences and engage in simple conversations.

– Greetings and Introductions: Familiarize yourself with common greetings, introductions, and social etiquette in the German-speaking world.

– Interactive Activities: Engage in interactive activities, quizzes, and exercises to reinforce your learning and track your progress.

Join Fluent Fast Academy’s German A1 online classes and unlock the doors to a new language adventure. Whether you’re preparing for travel, personal enrichment, or further language studies, our A1 courses are the perfect starting point for your German language journey. Start your A1 class today and set the stage for a lifetime of German language proficiency!

Unlock Your Potential with German A2 Online Classes at Fluent Fast Academy

Are you ready to elevate your German language skills to the next level? Fluent Fast Academy proudly presents our German A2 online classes, meticulously crafted to provide an enriching and dynamic learning experience. Whether you’re a beginner looking to progress or an intermediate learner aiming for proficiency, our A2 level classes are tailored to meet your specific needs.

What to Expect:

1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our German A2 online classes cover a diverse range of topics, expanding your vocabulary, improving grammar, and enhancing your conversational abilities. The curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate proficiency.

2. Interactive Learning Modules: Engage in interactive lessons, exercises, and multimedia resources that make your learning experience both enjoyable and effective. Our online platform is designed to keep you motivated as you progress through the A2 level.

3. Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced and passionate instructors dedicated to your success. Our educators bring a wealth of knowledge to the virtual classroom, ensuring that you receive expert guidance and support throughout your A2 level journey.

4. Flexibility in Learning: Life is busy, and we understand that. Our A2 online classes offer flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. Access your lessons from anywhere, at any time, and tailor your learning schedule to fit your lifestyle.

5. Real-Life Application: The focus of our A2 level classes goes beyond theoretical knowledge. We emphasize practical language skills, enabling you to confidently navigate real-life situations where German is spoken.

Why Choose Fluent Fast Academy for German A2 Online Classes:

1. Personalized Approach: Our classes are designed to accommodate different learning styles. Whether you learn best through visual aids, interactive exercises, or hands-on activities, we tailor our approach to suit your preferences.

2. Progressive Learning: As you advance through our German A2 online classes, you’ll witness tangible progress in your language skills. We provide regular assessments to track your development and ensure you’re well-prepared for the challenges of intermediate proficiency.

3. Supportive Community: Join a community of fellow learners who share your passion for mastering German. Participate in discussions, exchange ideas, and benefit from a supportive network that enhances your language-learning journey.

Enroll in our German A2 online classes today and take a significant step towards linguistic fluency. Whether you’re pursuing personal enrichment, academic goals, or professional opportunities, Fluent Fast Academy is your trusted partner in achieving German language proficiency. Start your journey with us and unlock a world of possibilities!

Fluent Fast Academy offers comprehensive B1-level online classes, providing learners with an immersive and effective language learning experience.

This course is designed for students who have completed the A2 level or have equivalent proficiency in German. The B1 level focuses on enhancing your language skills and deepening your understanding of German grammar, vocabulary, and cultural nuances. Through engaging online classes, interactive exercises, and real-life scenarios, you will build the foundation needed to communicate effectively in German at an intermediate level.

Course Objectives:

  1. Develop proficiency in the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  2. Expand your vocabulary to express ideas, opinions, and emotions in various contexts.
  3. Strengthen your understanding of German grammar, including complex sentence structures.
  4. Improve your listening comprehension through exposure to authentic German audio materials.
  5. Enhance your speaking skills by participating in conversations, discussions, and role-plays.
  6. Explore cultural aspects of the German-speaking world to better navigate social situations.

Course Schedule:

Week 1-2: Review and Consolidation

– Recap of essential A2 concepts

– Introduction to B1 level topics

– Vocabulary expansion: daily routines, hobbies, and interests

Week 3-4: Grammar Focus

– Verb conjugations and tenses

– Modal verbs and their usage

– Subordinate clauses and complex sentence structures

Week 5-6: Communication Skills

– Engaging in conversations about travel, work, and daily life

– Role-playing scenarios in practical contexts

– Building confidence in spoken German

Week 7-8: Reading and Writing Skills

– Reading comprehension exercises

– Writing essays, emails, and short texts

– Developing a coherent writing style

Week 9-10: Cultural Exploration

– Understanding cultural differences and etiquette

– Exploring German traditions and customs

– Discussing contemporary issues in the German-speaking world

Assessment and Evaluation:

– Weekly quizzes to reinforce learning

– Participation in class discussions and activities

– Continuous feedback and opportunities for improvement

Required Materials:

  1. Deutsch lernen B1 (Coursebook)
  2. Online resources and multimedia materials provided by Fluent Fast Academy
  3. Access to a computer, stable internet connection, and a headset for interactive sessions


– Weekly quizzes: 30%

– Class participation: 20%

– Mid-term exam: 25%

– Final exam: 25%

Note: Attendance is crucial for success in this course. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to catch up on the material and assignments.

By the end of this course, you will have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate a variety of real-life situations in German, setting the stage for further language development at the B2 level. We look forward to embarking on this linguistic journey with you!

Benefits of B1 Online Classes with Fluent Fast Academy:

  1. Flexible Learning Schedule: Fluent Fast Academy understands the importance of flexibility in today’s busy world. With our B1 german online classes, you can tailor your learning schedule to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are a working professional or a student, these classes offer the convenience of studying at your own pace.
  2. Experienced and Certified Instructors: The success of any language learning program depends on the quality of instruction. Fluent Fast Academy boasts a team of experienced and certified instructors who are dedicated to providing engaging and effective lessons. Our expertise ensures that you receive high-quality education and guidance throughout your B1 German language journey.
  3. Interactive Learning Materials: The online classes incorporate a variety of multimedia resources, making the learning experience interactive and engaging. From video lessons and audio materials to quizzes and group discussions, Fluent Fast Academy ensures that you have access to diverse learning tools that cater to different learning styles.
  4. Real-life Conversational Practice: Mastering a language involves not just understanding grammar rules and vocabulary but also being able to communicate effectively. B1 German online classes at Fluent Fast Academy prioritize real-life conversational practice, allowing students to apply their language skills in everyday situations. 
  5. Comprehensive Curriculum: The B1-level curriculum is designed to cover all aspects of language learning, including grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking. The structured curriculum ensures that students progress systematically through the course, gradually building on their skills and knowledge.
  6. Regular Progress Assessments: To monitor your progress and identify areas for improvement, Fluent Fast Academy conducts regular assessments. These assessments are designed to gauge your proficiency in various language skills, allowing both you and your instructors to track your development and make necessary adjustments to the learning plan.
  7. Supportive Learning Community: Joining the B1 German online classes at Fluent Fast Academy means becoming part of a supportive learning community. Interact with fellow learners, participate in group activities, and exchange language tips and cultural insights, creating a collaborative and motivating learning environment.

This German B2 course with Fluent Fast Academy is designed for students who have successfully completed the B1 level and are looking to advance their proficiency in the German language. The course focuses on enhancing language skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, with an emphasis on real-life communication scenarios.

Course Duration: 50 hours (1 session = 1 hour)

Weekdays – 5 days a week 

Weekend – 2 hours a day

Course Objectives:

  1. Language Proficiency: Achieve a solid B2 level proficiency in German according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  2. Communication Skills: Improve speaking and listening skills for effective communication in various situations.
  3. Grammar Mastery: Deepen understanding and application of advanced German grammar rules.
  4. Vocabulary Expansion: Enrich vocabulary for both general and specialized topics.
  5. Cultural Competence: Develop cultural awareness and understanding of German-speaking communities.

Course Outline:

Weeks 1-2: Review and Warm-up

– Revision of B1 level concepts

– Introduction to B2 level expectations

– Diagnostic assessment

Weeks 3-4: Reading and Writing Skills

– Advanced reading comprehension exercises

– Writing essays, reports, and formal letters

– Vocabulary building for written expression

Weeks 5-6: Speaking Proficiency

– Engaging in discussions on various topics

– Conducting debates and presentations

– Pronunciation and intonation practice

Weeks 7-8: Listening Comprehension

– Listening to authentic materials (news, interviews, podcasts)

– Extracting information from complex audio sources

– Enhancing listening skills through interactive exercises

Weeks 9-10: Advanced Grammar

– Subjunctive mood and its applications

– Complex sentence structures

– Fine-tuning grammatical accuracy

Weeks 11-12: Cultural Exploration and Review

– Exploring contemporary German culture

– Discussing societal norms and etiquette

– Comprehensive review of B2 level content

Assessment and Evaluation:

  1. Weekly quizzes to assess understanding of concepts.
  2. Mid-course and end-of-course exams covering all language skills.
  3. Participation in class discussions and activities.
  4. Submission of written assignments and essays.

Required Materials:

  1. Fluent Fast Academy course materials.
  2. Access to online resources, including audio and video materials.


– Quizzes: 20%

– Mid-course exam: 30%

– End-of-course exam: 40%

– Participation and assignments: 10%


Successful completion of German B1 level or equivalent proficiency.

Fluent Fast Academy encourages a positive and interactive learning environment. Students are encouraged to actively participate in discussions, seek clarification when needed, and engage in peer-to-peer learning.

Fluent Fast Academy reserves the right to modify the syllabus and schedule as needed to enhance the learning experience.

This course is designed for students who have achieved a high level of proficiency in German and are aiming to reach advanced and near-native levels. The focus is on refining linguistic skills, deepening cultural understanding, and honing advanced communication abilities in both written and spoken German.

Course Duration:

– C1 Level: 12 weeks

– C2 Level: 12 weeks


Highly qualified and experienced native German-speaking instructors with expertise in language teaching and a deep understanding of the nuances of the German language.

Course Objectives:

  1. Language Proficiency: Achieve an advanced level of linguistic competence in German, both spoken and written.
  2. Cultural Understanding: Deepen cultural insights and demonstrate cultural sensitivity through language use.
  3. Advanced Communication: Develop advanced communication skills, including the ability to discuss complex topics, express opinions, and engage in nuanced conversations.
  4. Exam Preparation: Prepare for the Goethe-Zertifikat C1 and C2 exams.

Course Structure:

Weeks 1-4: C1 Level

  1. Review of Grammar and Syntax:

   – Advanced sentence structures

   – Subjunctive and conditional forms

   – Complex conjunctions and connectors

  1. Vocabulary Enhancement:

   – Academic and specialized terminology

   – Idiomatic expressions

   – Synonyms and antonyms

  1. Reading and Analysis:

   – Analysis of authentic texts

   – Literary excerpts

   – News articles and opinion pieces

  1. Listening and Speaking:

   – Advanced dialogues and discussions

   – Audio materials from various sources

   – Pronunciation refinement

Weeks 5-8: C1 Level Continued / Transition to C2 Level

  1. Written Communication:

   – Formal and informal writing styles

   – Business correspondence

   – Essay writing and analysis

  1. Cultural Exploration:

   – Deepening understanding of German literature and arts

   – Contemporary cultural issues and debates

  1. Interactive Sessions:

   – Group discussions

   – Debates on current affairs

   – Role-playing scenarios

  1. Exam Preparation:

   – Mock exams

   – Strategies for exam success

   – Individualized feedback

Weeks 9-12: C2 Level

  1. Mastery of Language Use:

   – Precision in language choice

   – Stylistic nuances

   – Literary appreciation

  1. Research and Presentation:

   – Independent research projects

   – Presentations on advanced topics

   – Peer evaluation and feedback

  1. Proficiency in Professional Settings:

   – Business communication

   – Academic writing and research skills

   – Job application and interview simulations

  1. Final Exam Preparation:

   – Comprehensive review

   – Practice exams

   – Individualized exam strategies


– Weekly quizzes and assignments

– Mid-term assessments

– Final examinations for each level

– Active participation in discussions and group activities


– Course materials provided by Fluent Fast Academy

– Additional resources including literary texts, articles, and audio materials


– C1: Successful completion of B2 level or equivalent

– C2: Successful completion of C1 level or equivalent

This syllabus is subject to adjustment based on the individual needs and progress of the class. The goal is to ensure each student achieves a high level of proficiency and confidence in using German at an advanced and near-native level.

Fluent Fast Academy offers 1:1 online lessons & group classes so that students can have personalized support as they study at home. Our teachers are certified to teach all levels of the A1 test in Germany, which will be completed by any student who wishes to study in Germany after graduation from an overseas university or college, who has little or no previous knowledge of German.

German Certification Training Online

Our Online German Certification Course serves students with complete hands-on training of the German language with certification upon the completion of the course. The German trainers are professionals with a minimum of 10+ years of experience in training the students to learn the German language. 

Our German language trainers also assist and support you to clear the global certification exam Goethe-Zertifikat for the German language.

Benefits of Joining Us

  • Best and simple learning modules
  • Expert teachers who are well versed with extensive experience in Teaching German Language
  • Flexible course timings & flexible batches
  • Multiple batches. Weekend batches are also available
  • Highly qualified German-speaking tutors with experience of decades in German Training.
  • Here plenty of Practice Exercises in German are available for transforming you into an efficient German speaker.
  • You will get complete guidance for clearing Goethe A1 to Goethe C2 Certification that serves you with Global recognition.
  • Flexible Batch Timings- Weekend, Weekday, Fast Track German Spoken Classes online.

Frequent Asked Questions

At Fluent Fast Academy, we stand out for our commitment to providing an immersive and flexible learning experience. Our expert instructors, personalized approach, and interactive modules make us the ideal choice for mastering German online. We prioritize your success, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey to linguistic proficiency.

German A1 level is the beginner stage where learners acquire basic language skills. At this level, you’ll grasp fundamental German vocabulary, simple phrases, and the ability to introduce yourself and understand everyday expressions.

Moving beyond the basics, German A2 level focuses on expanding vocabulary and comprehension. You’ll delve into more complex sentence structures, enhance your conversational skills, and gain a deeper understanding of German grammar.

German B1 level marks an intermediate stage where you’ll further develop your language skills. This includes expressing opinions, discussing familiar topics, and engaging in more complex conversations.

German B2 level signifies an upper-intermediate proficiency. At this stage, you’ll master advanced grammar, comprehend complex texts, and articulate yourself fluently.

C1 and C2 levels represent advanced proficiency. At C1, you’ll have near-native language skills, while C2 signifies mastery. Achieving these levels means understanding complex texts, expressing yourself fluently, and navigating sophisticated linguistic nuances.

While proficiency varies among learners, three months can provide a solid foundation. Our structured curriculum and immersive approach accelerate the learning process, allowing you to make substantial progress in a short time.

Yes, our courses are designed to make learning German accessible and enjoyable. Our interactive modules, expert guidance, and personalized approach cater to various learning styles, ensuring a positive and effective learning experience.

Absolutely. With dedication and our comprehensive curriculum, you can achieve a significant level of fluency within a year. Our courses are structured to accommodate your pace, making the one-year goal attainable.

While challenging, our expert instructors and supportive environment at Fluent Fast Academy make the German B2 level manageable. With our structured approach and dedicated guidance, you’ll navigate the complexities of B2 with confidence.

German B2 proficiency is often a requirement for many jobs in German-speaking countries. Achieving this level demonstrates a high degree of language competence and significantly enhances your employment prospects.

Our approach combines expert instruction, interactive modules, and personalized learning paths. We focus on practical language skills, ensuring you can confidently use German in real-life situations. With our immersive and flexible online classes, you’ll experience a fast-track to fluency at Fluent Fast Academy.

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