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French Language Course In Delhi

Today one language is not enough for communication. After English, French is the second most spoken language in the world and more than 100 million people across the globe. To work or study abroad French is an important aspect of communication. Fluent Fast Academy is one of the reliable and well-named institutes which provides French language courses in Delhi.

One of the best French Classes in Delhi

Experienced teachers of Fluent Fast Academy offer French classes in Delhi and across India, as the institute provides online and offline mode classes. Learning the French language will open a door to job possibilities across the world. Most of the top companies are managed from French-speaking countries, so it will help you build up your Communication.

Speaking the French language will help you to get admission to top universities, colleges, schools of Europe. Apart from career growth, the French language will help you during a tour of French-speaking countries. French language course in Delhi offered by Fluent Fast Academy provides students from across India in online mode.

More than 29 countries of the world are French-speaking nations and to study there, speaking French is a part of eligibility for admission there. If you want to learn this language in Delhi then you can join the French Course in Delhi provided by the Fluent Fast Academy. Well-equipped French classes in Delhi with all the mandatory resources.

Top French language institute in Delhi

Fluent Fast Academy feels proud to inform you that we have the best-reviewed French Language institute in Delhi. We have trained, experienced, and qualified teaching faculties, who do not only teach you but also point out your points where you need to work with regular tests and assessments in online or offline tests.

Join Fluent Fast Academy and just focus on classroom studies. There is no issue if you have not heard or spoken a single French word. With practical sessions and the available infrastructure we have, you will become a fluent French speaker.

The best part of Fluent Fast Academy is, you can attend the classes across India as we offer online mode classes. With the help of technology, you will be able to get the best guidance from qualified teachers at your home, even on Sundays and Saturdays.

Why take French Classes in Delhi?

The world is moving fast and globalization is not a term only. Countries borders are only a Geo line on the maps. Companies are expanding from one nation to another, called Multinational Companies and offering jobs to people of new nations. Also, students from one country travel to another country for higher studies. In that case, taking French classes in Delhi will help you a lot.

Developed countries like the USA, UK, and countries of Europe are world-famous for jobs and studies. Learning French will give you an advantage. Also, traveling in most of the countries of Europe needs a language to communicate with. Good French language speaking skills will never let you feel a language barrier. Also, in the case of living abroad, the French language will help you.

Included free of Cost

  • Free back and revision classes.
  • No Registration Fee.
  • No Examination fee
  • Free career counseling in the field of the French language wherein we provide you a complete road map for your bright career.
  • Guidance for DELF & TEF Exams for international certifications in case you want to settle, study or work in France or Canada.
  • 100% job assistance until you get the job.

Learn French in Delhi

There are countless coaching institutes and a few universities, where you can learn French in Delhi. The importance of choosing the right institute is known to all. Students understand that learning French from the best French Institute in Delhi will not only enhance their communication skills but the trained and experienced teachers of that institute will update us on the current scenario and working opportunity to complete the course.

Join Fluent Fast Academy to learn French and attend the online or offline course across the country

Fluent Fast Academy reviews

If you want to learn French at affordable prices in Delhi, you must join Fluent Fast Academy for the best results. I have completed French B2 level from here and now I am working. I would highly recommend you to join here for your bright career.



French courses in Delhi

Joining Fluent Fast Academy for learning French has been a great experience, the teacher is very friendly and nice. They provide interactive classes as well as provide all the guidance for your career in French. If you want to learn French in Delhi, Join here.



Fluent Fast Academy's reviews

If you want to learn French online in Delhi with an experienced tutor, You must join Fluent Fast Academy. They provide study materials free, free revision classes, free DELF preparation, so why choose others. I would highly recommend Fluent Fast Academy for the best French courses.



Best Online French Class in Delhi & Classroom Training

Best French Spoken Classe in Delhi

We are the Best French Spoken Class in Delhi for French language training. We have expert trainers with us who are completely dedicated to our students and have years of teaching experience. We are indulged in providing our students with the best course materials that are designed by the suggestion of our experts.

Our Online French Spoken Class and Classroom Training is an initiative for bringing back the joy of learning to our education. We are completely aimed at bringing the flavor of French to your neighborhood which makes the lives joyful and happier through our numerous tailor-made services.

We have spread our joyful learning experience to our 1000’s of professionals and students. We are also indulged in serving our students with the best French education in the city. Our highly skilled professional trainers strive hard to serve every student with the sense of Joy that we call “The Fluent Fast Academy Effect”.

Our French Spoken Class in Delhi facilitate very high-quality language training to kids, adolescence, housewives, working professionals, and anyone who is passionate about French. We also serve our students with an awesome environment for learning French.

Levels of our Online French Spoken Class in Delhi & Classroom Training

A1 Level: During the French Spoken Class Online at Fluent Fast Academy the language is spoken from the very first day of the course. As A1 is the first level of any language course, so after the completion of the A1 Level in our academy, the student will be able to understand and use simple phrases and frequently-used expressions to meet basic needs because we used to serve our students with the Best French Spoken Training in Delhi.

Our students will be completely eligible for introducing themselves to others, ask for and to provide basic personal information about his or her place of residence, about those people whom he knows, and about his or her belongings. He would be able in interacting with people in a basic manner as long as his or her companion is desiring to speak and cooperate clearly and slowly. 

A2 Level: After completion of this A2 level at our French Spoken Institute in Delhi, you will be able in understanding expressions that are related to relevant personal experiences like basic information on himself or herself and his or her family, places of interest, activities, shopping, etc.

The student will get proficient to communicate when to carry out simple, everyday tasks that don’t have a requirement of more than the direct and simple exchange of information about habitual and familiar matters. He will learn about how to describe his or her simple aspects of the past environment. Along with this, he will also be able to describe issues that are related to his or her basic requirements.

B1 Level: As the B1 is the intermediate level, here in our Online French Spoken Class and classroom training the student will become capable of understanding the main points of clearly-written, standard language along with the text that is related to things that are familiar to him, for example, recreational activities, work or school-related matters. He will also become able in interacting with the majority of situations.

He will also become able in producing simple and coherent texts on familiar subjects or on those in which he is having particular interest. He will also become capable of describing events, experiences, hopes, and desires, along with briefly explaining his or her plans or opinions.

B2 Level: In this level of our Online French Spoken Course in Delhi and classroom training the language becomes more interesting. After completion of this level, the candidate will be able to understand the main idea of complex texts that deal with both abstract and concrete topics that include technical texts as these are related to the area of expertise of the students.

He will also become eligible in interacting with native speakers with a sufficient level of spontaneity and fluency so that the communication between both parties will be effortless. Along with this, the student will be eligible in producing detailed and clear texts on a broad range of subjects along with defending his or her opinion on general interest issues which indicates the pros and cons of different alternatives.

C1 Level: You will be able in understanding a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and in the recognition of implicit meaning. You will also be able in expressing yourself spontaneously and fluently without much obvious searching for expressions. The candidates will be using the language effectively and flexibly for academic, social, and professional purposes.

Here you will be made eligible in producing, well-structured, clear, detailed text on complex subjects, connectors, cohesive devices, and showing controlled use of organizational patterns.

C2 Level: This is an advanced level of French Spoken Course for literature. After completion of this level, you will become eligible in understanding with ease what you hear or read virtually. You will be able to summarize information from different written or spoken sources, reconstruct accounts and arguments in a coherent presentation.

You will also become capable of expressing yourself spontaneously, very precisely, and fluently, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in the most complex situations.

Why French Spoken Class in Delhi at Fluent Fast Academy?

Fluent Fast Academy is a group of French Speakers from India who come from numerous walks of life and have created this French Spoken Institute in Delhi. This course has been designed by Psychologists by taking into consideration the Psychology of each and every student. Our French Spoken Classes are particularly designed to serve our students with a personality make-over irrespective of age.

We lay special emphasis on the Art of Learning where learning is not an obligation rather learning happens naturally. Our French Spoken Online Course and Classroom Training is particularly designed in a way that challenges traditional classroom courses. We also experiment with new technologies for the creation of fun activities and better learning activities.

We make use of every possible method which can trigger the learning process whether it is Social Network, Movies or Music. We provide services such as joyful experiences to our clients and students that they would take these experiences to their school, college, workplace, and home.

  • Coherent and Comprehensive French Course Modules that are aligned with the requirements of the Common European Framework of References of Languages (CEFR).
  • Highly-skilled French language tutors who are having more than 10+ years of experience in training the students to learn French flawlessly.
  • Interactive Trainer-led French Spoken Classes in Delhi at Fluent Fast Academy
  • Regular Brushing up of the previous French Classes are facilitated to the students for enhancing their learning process
  • French Spoken Course in Delhi at Fluent Fast Academy serves students with training from the A1- Beginner Level to C1 Advanced Level Certification Training with hands-on practices
  • French Language Coursewares at our French Institute are curated with the intent of making the learners listen, read, write, and speak French fluently.
  • Our French trainers train the learners exhaustively on the French language structure under the mentorship of native teachers
  • Convenient French Course Batch Timings are provided to the students. He is facilitated to choose Weekend, Weekday, and Fast Track Language Classes in our academy
  • Our Online French Spoken Class in Delhi makes you capable to become affluent with the French language and thus we make you clear the global certification exams successfully
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