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French courses online

French Course Online

Are you wondering where to start learning French from? Are you tired of scrolling various websites and going through their advanced syllabus? Well, you can end your search here!

Fluent Fast Academy is here to help you all with the Online French language course, specially designed for beginners to advance level.

A1 LEVEL serves as a great platform for individuals with no basic knowledge of French.

Fluent Fast Academy is a platform where you can easily find a perfect private tutor for you to Learn French Online.

You are even facilitated to find a certified teacher who will teach you all the French ways for your upcoming educational conference or upcoming trip to France.

We offer
  • A1 level
  • A2 level
  • B1 level
  • B2 level
  • C1 level
  • TEF

How to join our A1 French course online

We’ve designed our A1 French course specifically to help you learn French faster and more effectively.

We believe that a good way to learn a new language is by being immersed in it. That’s why we offer immersive immersion through our A1 Level French course. You’ll get substantially more than just French training—we also offer invigorating exercises every week.

Whether you’re looking to travel or work abroad, or simply want to improve your conversational skills, our A1 Level French course will have you speaking like a native in no time!

If you are looking forward to learning French, then you can rest assured that our A1 French course at Fluent Fast Academy is the right option for you. Our instructors will provide you with the best guidance so that you can learn French in a fun way.

How to join our A2 French course online

The intermediate A2 Level French Learning Course, at Fluent Fast Academy, corresponds to the basic users of the French language, especially the ones who have completed the A1 Level. It is also good for the ones who are well versed with the basic French expressions in day-to-day life.

This course will provide you with a structured and practical approach to learning A2 Level French, which will enable you to communicate confidently and effectively in everyday situations. You will learn how to:

1) Understand complex sentences that require more than one clause or main idea

2) Use modal verbs correctly and conjugate them correctly

3) Understand imperative sentences that require action or reaction from other people (request/requesting/requesting someone’s help etc)

How to join our B1 French course online​

If you have completed the A2 Level of French and would like to continue your studies in the intermediate level of French, then this is the right course for you.

The intermediate B1 Level French Learning Course, at Fluent Fast Academy, corresponds to the intermediate users of the French language, especially the ones who have completed the A2 Level.

The course will be taught by native speakers of French and will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary while learning new words and expressions.

How to join our B2 French course online​

If you’ve completed the B1 Level of French and are looking to go even further, then our intermediate B2 French course is for you.

This course is designed specifically for users who have already reached the intermediate level of their French studies and wish to continue learning. 

This course will help you to develop your skills in reading, listening, and speaking, as well as writing, through a combination of interactive audio and video lessons.

Our aim is to provide a stimulating learning environment that will motivate you to continue studying and improve your fluency. We want our students to feel comfortable with the material so they can speak confidently at work or in social situations.

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Hours Of Training

What Students Say

You will learn with us

  • Uses of tenses
  • Correct use of grammar
  • Listening Skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Strong vocabulary
  • Smooth reading

We have a team of highly experienced teachers who are driven to give you Online French Language Course with the most advanced curriculum that will be particularly designed around your present qualifications.

The best part of our French course online is that you have all the class recordings.  Whatever you require to do is to check anytime.

Every teacher in our academy will offer you their first Online French Class. It will assist you to make the decision whether you are being compatible with the teacher or not.

You can also go through the reviews and testimonials by the students of our French course online who have benefited from Fluent Fast Academy, so you would know better that you are getting the best value and best return for your money.

Why should you learn French?

In today’s world where knowing a non-native language is more like an asset, online French language course bring in so many opportunities for you. Fluent Fast Academy helps you learn French from the basics level to advance, at your comfort. Well, here are a few more reasons for you to learn French.

An asset to your career –

Knowing French will never limit your opportunities, in any field you wish to build your career in. Whether you are looking for a job in the tourism sector or applying to a top university. A certified French language learning course will always act as an add-on to your existing skills.

Higher education –

French is the official language in almost 29 countries in the world. Hereby, giving you a wide range of options for higher education in foreign universities. Also, Indians who have a stronghold on the French language can obtain a French government scholarship to study in France.

Travel Enhancing Language –

Another good reason, to learn this beautiful language is traveling. Knowing French will make most of your foreign trips pleasurable, helping you enjoy them more freely.

An exciting language to learn –

French is an exciting language to learn. All you need is an expert guide to help you with the pronunciations, and basic complexities of the language.

Why learn French Online?

French is one of the most popular languages in the world, and it’s no surprise that learning French can be difficult. That’s why we created our french online courses to help you learn French faster and more efficiently. Our courses are designed to help you manage your time better, so you can focus on what matters most: mastering this language!

Here’s how it works: instead of attending classes every day at a set time, we recommend that you take our courses when they are most convenient for your schedule. We have designed our curriculum so that you can easily fit French into your daily routine—whether that means taking a lesson in the morning or evening, before or after work, or even while traveling!

You also don’t need to worry about having access to high-speed internet when you take our courses—we make sure everything works smoothly for students across all platforms, including Android tablets and iPhone/iPad apps.

Our goal is simple: help students master their new language faster than ever before by making learning accessible from anywhere at any time!

Get Certified In French

If you’re looking for a way to prove that you are fluent in French, look no further than Fluent Fast Academy! We provide official certificates, which students can use as proof of their current ability level. Our certificates are issued in line with the widely accepted Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Our French language online course program is designed to prepare students for real-world situations by providing a solid foundation in grammar and vocabulary. With our online method, you can learn at your own pace and take advantage of our flexible schedule options.

Whether you’re looking to be certified or simply want to improve your knowledge and skills, we have everything you need at Fluent Fast Academy!

Obtaining CEFR Certificates With us

The CEFR certificates for each level of Fluent Fast Academy are awarded when students have completed their studies and received a passing grade on the final exam.

Students can book classes at whatever ability level they are at and work towards reaching higher levels. When a certain level has been reached, the corresponding CEFR certificate is issued.

Ready to start your French classes online


Book our live classes now!

You can check our pre-recorded demos and then can book a live class of 40 to 50 minutes @250/- only. This live class will get you an opportunity to interact with our trainer live. It will make you decide to take live classes online with us.

You can get them by contacting us on whatsapp. Click on the whatsapp icon & talk to us today.

Yes, our all trainers are certified as per CEFR (common European frame work). You can talk to one of them by book your first live class @99/- today

Yes, we do prepare you for TEF or DELF.

When you come to our French classes, you’ll be speaking like a native in no time. Daily practice will help you perfect your French skills, and you’ll develop a real love for the language.

Our online French classes let you practice your French with live classes! You’ll be able to watch the recordings at any time, so you can use it as a refresher, or as extra practice before taking a quiz.

We conduct the weekly live test so you can check your progress in French language.

We know that this is a hard language for some people to learn, but we have a great group here who will do everything they can to help you improve. If you need any assistance with this week’s test, don’t hesitate to ask!

With our classes, you get to learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. You can get the classes recorded and watch them later—or even just listen to a recording while you’re on the go.

And we don’t only care about you being able to learn at your own pace—we want you to be able to learn while doing something else, too. We love that people are busy and have lives outside of their classes. That’s why we’ve made sure our classes run seamlessly in the background so that you can still keep up with everything else going on in your day.

You are preparing for your career and want to get ISO valid certificate. In our French courses, we help you in getting this certificate.

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