Know All the Benefits of Fluent Fast Academy Foreign Language Classes
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Why Choose Us

“Fluent Fast Academy” does not only teach you Spanish, French, German and Spoken English but also gives you career guidance such as, where you can work after completing your foreign language course, which companies have new Spanish openings, in what sectors you can make your career on behalf of Spanish, French, German and Spoken English. Thus, we aim to place all our students in top most brand companies in the world.

Many of our students have already been placed in multinational companies and they all are being paid a handsome salary in starting itself. There are job opportunities in bulk for the Spanish, French, German language professionals.

Once you are done with your course and you are able to speak Spanish, French, German and English fluently, So it brings rain of jobs upon you, there are more than 10 sectors where you can make your career which includes translator, Interpreter, Travel guide, language trainer in a company, teacher in an Institution, School or College, Moreover you can join a BPO/KPO where you get decent salary and incentives on your performance. Knowledge of foreign language is particularly beneficial in the following industries/fields:-

  • Teaching and Training
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • BPO and KPO sectors
  • Hospitality
  • Publication services
  • Blogging
  • Education and Learning
  • Export and Import Houses
  • Manufacturing
  • Small and Large scale businesses involving international dealing
  • Diplomatic Services
  • Embassy
  • International Organizations – UNICEF, WHO, UN etc.

Our course module is completely designed as per industry requirement, we are highly focused on speaking, detailed reading and writing. We do not give you academic classes but also some professional training which will be useful for you when you walk in for the interviews. We completely empower Language training professionals not only students. We keep giving you day to day training and a kind of internship in our own company where you directly speak with Spanish, French, German and English clients to understand their accent and way of speaking the language.

Private language classes for individuals who can’t join a batch due to time constraints or other reasons. Individuals who can’t join a batch due to time constrains or due to various other reasons, may opt for Individual language classes either at our institute or at their home depending on their convenience. Our dedicated and qualified foreign tutors in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida are doing a wonderful job of making these cities foreign language literate. We deliver the same great quality education at your place at your convenience which we deliver in our classroom.

Customised Lessons: One of the biggest advantages of Individual class is that the lessons can be easily customized to suit the specific requirement of each student. The pace, focus and goals of each lesson is adjusted depending on the need and abilities of the student, which allows us to ensure maximum learning efficiency. Individual Attention: As the classes are one-to-one, the student benefits from individual attention and focus on their learning. The Trainer enhances the student’s skills through practice and working together on their weaknesses, thus making the learning process more effective.

We have a really vibrant atmosphere here at Fluent Fast Academy where you get much more than just education. As part of our Language courses, we offer our students exciting activities every week and we try to differentiate them as much as possible, mixing a bit of culture with fun games, there’s something for everyone.

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