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Foreign Language Industry Training

You are reading this because you are definitely looking for the best foreign language training institute or coaching. We are at Fluent Fast Academy provide job-oriented foreign language training in Spanish, German, French, English, and Chinese. Also in our training, you get to know how to use a language at the workplace and where you can apply after learning a foreign language.

We help students in public speaking, facing interviews, discussions, debates, how to face telephonic interviews or negotiations. Our training makes our students employable and helps our students using a language like a professional. Our foreign language industry training at Fluent Fast Academy improves your personality development by improving your language skills, which can help you while meeting with your clients or make a good bonding with your colleagues. If you are getting these facilities with us then why choose others.

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  1. Sarthak

    Hi, I’m 24 ba graduate, I’m willing to learn either german or spanish to make a career in foreign language, kindly revert how much time wil it take to complete language course to get a job.

    • admin

      Hi Sarthak, thanks for your message. There are six levels in German and Spanish as per the European framework. For a career in a foreign language, you must complete the 4th level that is called the B2 level. Because after completing –

      A1 Level: This level will make you understand the everyday conversation, answering questions and asking easy questions, introducing one to others, asking and giving some relevant information about places. If another person is speaking Spanish gradually and clearly you will be capable to comprehend and connect with that person.

      A2 Level: It makes you capable to understand commonly utilized expressions and sentences. You will also be able to do an exchange of information and ideas related to regular tasks.

      B1 Level: You will be able to confront the circumstances that arise in the workplace, schools, and leisure. We make you able to explain ideas, experiences as well as your thoughts, dreams, the explanation for plans, and opinions in brief with the help of this level.

      B2 Level: You will be able to understand completely the complicated text at the time of technical discussion, theoretical topics, etc. You will also be able to talk comfortably with a native speaker without any force.
      If you would like to study with us please call or WhatsApp +91-7834806482.
      Thanks & Regards

  2. Sarthak

    I’m very confused with these two languages, please help me with it. Which one should i go with to get a job, and what’s the timeframe of these course.

    • admin

      You can learn either Spanish or German. Both have career options but If you compare both so Spanish is easy to pick up. And it will take 7 to 8 months in our Academy to complete B2 level in Spanish.

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