B1 B2 level in German in Delhi

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Learn German anytime-anywhere, with the experts at your home. No matter you are a beginner or an advanced learner, if you are looking for honing your German-speaking skills, we have the right course for you.

Learn German online with us, at your ease. Speak like natives in less than a month with a certified German language learning certified course at Fluent Fast Academy.

Diploma Course in German (Level B1-B2)

Learning German isn’t a difficult task, and if you already know the basic level of German, the B1 and B2 level is specially designed for you. We provide the student with in-depth knowledge about the German language. This course will include the whole Grammar of the German language.

The B1 and B2 levels will include,

  • Tenses
  • Modals
  • Passive voice
  • Subjunctives
  • Long passage translation pronunciation
  • Group discussions
  • Presentation
  • Interview sessions
  • Storytelling
  • Language accent and expressions

On completion of the diploma course of German language learning, B1 and B2 level, the learner can:

  1. You will understand the clear input of the German language
  2. You can understand the language if you’re traveling to an area where German, is a native language.
  3. Sound like the natives.
  4. Describe an experience in the German language.
  5. Use the German language for your regular speaking

Why choose us?

Fluent Fast Academy is the best when it comes to learning foreign languages. We have been in this field of language learning for the past ten years, and have successfully taught 5000 students to date. The alumni of Fluent Fast Academy are from the top MNCs, travel companies, and the Tourism sector. Here are a few benefits out of many, on joining Fluent Fast Academy, for a German language learning course.

  • Expert faculty – Learn from the expert faculty of Fluent Fast Academy, who themselves are native speakers of the German language.
  • Practical teaching methods – Group Discussions, webinars, assignments will be provided to the students regularly.
  • Flexible timings – Online teaching methods give liability to us, and the students as well to have flexible timings for the online classes.
  • Personal doubt session – For students to clear their doubts, personally with their language trainers
  • Downloadable videos – If by chance, you miss the class, though we don’t suggest you to, you will be provided with the recorded video of the session.
  • Job Guarantee – You can get a job easily after completing our B2 level.
  • Affordable – Fluent Fast Academy offers language learning courses at minimal prices, to their students.
  • Get certified – On completion of the language learning course, each student will be provided with a government-certified certificate.

Course Structure

The duration for B1 and B2 level German language learning course will be:

  • Weekdays – 4 months – 5 classes on weekdays
  • Weekends – 4 months – 2.5-hour classes on each day

Exam pattern,

  • 1st Exam – Grammar (100 marks)
  • 2nd Exam – Written Expression (100 marks)
  • 3rd Exam – Oral (100 marks)
  • 4th Exam – Listening (100 marks) + Class performance (50 marks)

You may choose any of the levels, according to your need. While you can attend the first class absolutely FREE!

Learning a nonnative language like German is high in demand in today’s world. Moreover, learning a foreign language helps you get credibility. You may get your dream job or get that long-awaited promotion, learning a language other than your native tongue, will help you achieve your dreams. It’s never too late to learn a language, you just need the right guidance, and we assure you to motivate you and guide you accordingly. Start learning German today with us, and give wings to your dreams.

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