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A1 levels Spanish course in Delhi

B1 Level Spanish


  • Regular Classes (five days a week) 2 Months
  • Weekend Classes (2 hours on each day) 2 months
General Objectives

  • Express oneself reasonably fluently about past, present and future events, as well as a variety of topics that are of interest to them.
  • Answer, ask, summarize, communicate and offer your opinion with certainty on topics of interest or every day, even if you ask them to repeat it a few times
  • Understand, in general terms, simple and brief speeches.
  • Find and understand information to achieve a goal such as guiding oneself in the city, renting a car, instructions for cooking a dish, etc.
  • Express emotions and respond to feelings such as surprise, happiness, interest, indifference.

Functional Content

Refer to actions or situations from the past.

. Express intentions, conditions and objectives.

. Ask others to do something.

. Offer and ask for help. Accept it and reject it.

. Express agreement or total or partial disagreement.

. Express and ask if you know something or know something or someone.

. Formulate hypothesis.

. Apologize for something you have done and react to an apology.

. Ask about someone's mood or health

. Introduce a topic or opinion

. Put examples. Organize elements and parts of the speech.

. End an intervention or general conversation.

. Show that someone's conversation is followed.

. Indicate the desire to continue, or keep communication active.

. Repeat what one has said.

Cultural Content

. Holidays in Spain.

. The typical Spanish music.

. The tradition of the Birth.

. Tips in Spain & etc.

Grammatical Content

  • Repaso de los contenidos anteriores.
  • Ampliación de objeto directo e indirecto.
  • Colocación de los pronombres.
  • Pretérito Imperfecto.
  • Alternancia Indefinida e Imperfecta. . Usos generales de POR y PARA.
  • Adjetivos y Pronombres indefinidos.
  • El Pretérito Perfecto.
  • Alternancia entre Indefinido y Perfecto.
  • El Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto.
  • Introducción a los relativos.
  • Imperativos afirmativos y negativos regulares.

Are you planning to learn Spanish with fluency in Grammar? The Spanish Course B1 level is specially designed for students who wish to achieve an intermediate level of knowledge in the Spanish language.


B1 is the intermediate Spanish course which means now the learner will deal with a bit of complexity of the Spanish language. This will include the grammar of Spanish, helping you to frame sentences with the topics like,

  • Tenses
  • Modals
  • Adjectives
  • Reflexives
  • Prepositions

Once you complete the B1 level of Spanish, you will be able to frame questions, make statements, and present your opinions in the Spanish language.

You will be able to communicate very fluently with the native speakers of Spanish. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you enroll with us for the B1 level Spanish course, at Fluent Fast Academy.

You Will Get

We will send you hard copy materials by courier

In case, if you miss any class then you will get class recording also you will get them daily so that you can revise

You will get a valid certificate after each level


Where should I get the best Spanish B1 Classes

You can join the best B1 level Spanish course at home, today itself. With Fluent Fast Academy, learning Spanish had never been so easy.

If you are well equipped with a beginner’s knowledge of Spanish and completed A2, then the B1 Level of Fluent Fast Academy will be the best for you. It is a certificate course that anyone can join online and is liable enough to access anytime.

After completing the B1 Level Spanish course, you can apply for any jobs or take up Spanish in academics for further studies. Stated below are a few reasons why Fluent Fast Academy is the best –

  • Experience of 10 years as a pioneer of foreign language learning.
  • The best faculty with native speakers of Spanish.
  • Offer Government Certified Courses, which will help you to get better jobs with a handsome payout.
  • First class at Fluent Fast Academy is free.
  • After completing the course, they provide proper guidance to get a job in the field of foreign language.
  • Free books, webinars, and recorded classes for a better understanding of the Spanish language.
  • Group discussions and private doubt sessions help the learner effectively.
  • Affordable Spanish language learning courses.
  • Online classes with the expert faculty of Fluent Fast Academy.

All these facilities listed above are a few out of many reasons why one should join us. Fluent Fast Academy is the best when it comes to providing Spanish language learning courses.

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