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A1 Spanish Language Course

Certified A1 Level Spanish Course

🚀 Embark on Your Spanish Language Journey with Fluent Fast Academy:

A1 Level Certified Spanish Beginner Course – Online and Offline! 🚀

Welcome to the gateway of your dreams – Fluent Fast Academy. Whether you prefer learning online from the comfort of your home or through in-person classes, our A1 Level Certified Spanish Beginner Course is designed to make your language learning experience seamless and exceptional.

The A1 level syllabus covers basic vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. It includes topics such as introducing oneself and others, describing one’s hobbies and interests, asking and answering questions about personal details, and expressing likes and dislikes. At this level, learners also develop basic skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Why Choose Our A1 Level Certified Spanish Beginner Course?

🔑 Certified Excellence: Our program is meticulously designed to align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ensuring you attain a strong A1 level of proficiency.

🔑 Expert Guidance: Learn from skilled native-speaking instructors who are passionate about making your language journey a success.

🔑 Interactive Learning: Dive into engaging conversations, real-life scenarios, and interactive exercises that make learning Spanish a breeze.

🔑 Flexible Options: Whether you prefer online classes from anywhere in the world or face-to-face learning in our offline classes, we have flexible options to suit your lifestyle.

🔑 Certification: Upon successful completion, you’ll receive an internationally recognized certificate to boost your future academic or career prospects.

🔑 Cultural Enrichment: Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures of Spanish-speaking countries through our cultural activities, exploring music, cuisine, and traditions.

🔑 Supportive Community: Join a community of fellow learners, practice together, and build lasting friendships as you progress on your language journey.

What You’ll Achieve in Our A1 Level Certified Spanish Beginner Course

🔗 Solid Foundation: Build a strong foundation in basic vocabulary and essential language skills.

🔗 Confidence in Communication: Develop the skills to introduce yourself, ask for directions, and engage in simple conversations.

🔗 Travel-Ready: Equip yourself with the language needed for travel and exploration in Spanish-speaking countries.

🔗 Gateway to Higher Levels: Lay the groundwork for future language proficiency.

🌐 Open Doors to New Adventures 🌐

With an A1 level of Spanish proficiency, you’ll be ready to:

✈️ Enhance your travel experiences 📚 Prepare for further language studies 🌍 Explore diverse cultures 🚀 Start a journey toward advanced language skills


  • Online Weekdays Classes (five days a week) 2 months
  • Online Weekend Classes (2 hours on each day) 2 to 2.5 months
  • Offline Weekdays Classes (2 hours a day, 3 days a week) 2.5 months
  • Offline Weekend Classes (2 hours a day) 3 months
You will learn

  • Saludos y despedidas
  • Presentar a alguien y reaccionar al ser presentado (Conocer personas)
  • Preguntar y contestar sobre nombre, nacionalidad, profesion
  • Pedir perdón
  • Dar las gracias
  • Señalar que no se entiende
  • Pedir a alguien que hable más despacio o más alto
  • Solicitar la repetición de lo dicho
  • Deletrear y solicitar que se deletree
  • Solicitar que se escriba algo
  • Identificar personas, lugares y objetos
  • Describir personas, lugares y objetos
  • Referirse a acciones habituales o del presente
  • Referirse a planes y proyectos
  • Expresar acuerdo y desacuerdo
  • Expresar conocimiento o desconocimiento
  • Expresar y preguntar si es posible o no hacer algo.
  • Expresar y preguntar por gusto y agrado
  • Expresar y preguntar por deseo y necesidad
  • Invitar y ofrecer algo. Aceptar o rechazar invitaciones y ofrecimientos
  • Iniciar y finalizar el discurso etc.
  • Pedir algo, solicitar, conceder y rechazar permiso
  • expresar obligacion y oredenes
  • expresar la circunstancia en que ocurre algo
  • describir en el pasado
  • expresar habitos y costumbres en el pasado
  • expresar tiempo aproximado
  • hablar de la ultima vez
  • expresar un relato de manera ordenada
  • hablar de acontecimientos pasados
  • expresar ignorancia y gustos y opiniones sobre algo que has visto o leido
  • ofrecer ayuda inmediata
  • dar excusas y disculparse
  • expresar planes y intenciones etc.

Cultural Content

  1. Modos de saludarse y de presentación.
  2. El uso de la lengua en diversas situaciones sociales en el mundo hispano.
  3. Presentación de algunas ciudades Madrid y Barcelona.
  4. Presentación de algún personaje famoso del mundo hispano.
  5. Otras lenguas de España
  6. El español en el mundo
  7.  La comida de españa
  8. Presentación de algunos paises Bolivia, Peru, Panama, España y Argentina.
  9. la fiesta

Grammatical Content

  1. Frases básicas (saludos, despedidas).
  2. Comandos Importantes para la clase.
  3. Preguntas básicas (qué, cómo, cuál, todas las preguntas).
  4. Frases de sobrevivencia, invitaciones, peticiones, etc.
  5. Abecedario. Conceptos básicos de pronunciación y entonación.
  6. El sustantivo. El adjetivo. La concordancia. Artículos.
  7. Días de la semana, meses y estaciones del año.
  8. Los números.
  9. Pronombres.
  10. Usos elementales de SER.
  11. Usos elementales de ESTAR.
  12. HAY y ESTAR.
  13. Demostrativos.
  14. Posesivos.
  15. Adverbios de lugar.
  16. Preposiciones básicas de lugar.
  17. Verbo hacer (depende del estudiante, puede ir antes).
  18. Presente regular.
  19. Presente Irregular (más frecuentes).
  20. Usos de saber y conocer.
  21. Algunos verbos modales: poder, querer, tener que.
  22. Verbos reflexivos más frecuentes.
  23. Verbo GUSTAR.
  24. También, tampoco.
  25. Condicional básico.
  27. Preterito Perfecto (Los verbos regulares e irregulares)
  28. Imperativos (Positivo y negativo)
  29. Preterito Indefinido
  30. Preterito Imperfecto
  31. Preterito Imperfecto irregulares
  32. Mercadores temporales de frecuencia
  33. Usos del imperfecto (Soler + infinitivo)
  34. Condicionales
  35. Pronombres de objeto directo
  36. Reflexivos 
  37. Tener que, deber, tener ganas de, apetecer + infinitivo
  38. Futuro de los verbos en -ar, -er, -ir
  39. Ir a + infinitivo
  40. Pensar + infinitivo
  41. Estar pensando en + infinitivo etc.

🎓 Join Us Today and Kickstart Your Spanish Language Adventure! 🎓

Don’t miss the opportunity to begin your Spanish language journey with Fluent Fast Academy’s A1 Level Certified Spanish Beginner Course. Whether you’re a complete novice or someone looking to strengthen your language skills, our academy is here to guide you.

📩 Contact us now to learn more or enroll today to secure your spot in our upcoming online or offline classes. Your exciting journey to Spanish proficiency starts here! 🌍🇪🇸🌎

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Fluent Fast Academy is an online & offline language learning platform that offers courses in a variety of languages, including Spanish, and foreign languages. Our A1 level syllabus is designed to help learners build a solid foundation in the language they are learning, with a focus on practical communication skills.

Once you have completed the A1 level syllabus with Fluent Fast Academy, you may wish to obtain certification to demonstrate your proficiency in the language. Fluent Fast Academy offers several certification options for A1 level learners, including:

Fluent Fast Academy Certificate of Completion – This certificate is awarded to learners who have successfully completed the A1 level syllabus with Fluent Fast Academy. It demonstrates that you have a basic understanding of the language and can communicate effectively in everyday situations.

CEFR A1 Level Certification – Fluent Fast Academy also offers CEFR A1 level certification. This is an internationally recognized certification that demonstrates your proficiency in the language at the A1 level.

Official Language Certification – Depending on the language you are studying, Fluent Fast Academy can also help you prepare for and obtain official language certification of DELE.

The amount of time it takes to reach the A1 level in Spanish will depend on your individual learning pace and the amount of time you dedicate to learning. However, on average, it takes around 40-45 hours of study to reach the A1 level in Spanish.

There are many resources available for learning Spanish at the A1 level, including online courses & offline courses at Fluent Fast Academy, textbooks, language learning apps, and language exchange programs with us.

To practice your Spanish skills at the A1 level, you can:

  • Listen to Spanish music, podcasts, or news broadcasts
  • Watch Spanish movies or TV shows with subtitles
  • Participate in language exchange programs or conversation groups
  • Use language learning apps to practice speaking and listening skills
  • Practice writing and reading skills by writing short paragraphs and reading simple texts.
  • We make you practice in all the areas of Spanish language.
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