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Learning Spanish is no rocket science, it’s a valuable asset that can be gained by just following 5 simple tricks.

Most of us who strive to learn a new foreign language, take the traditional path too often and easily give up in a few months, without any results. The reality is, we follow the basic norms, do what average people do, and end up with the average results. Some real-world tips will help you learn Spanish from beginner to intermediate language learning to broaden your Spanish-speaking tactics. We are sharing here the key model for achieving extraordinary results in the Spanish language.

Best Ways To Learn Spanish - 5 WAYS OF LEARNING SPANISH
Best Ways To Learn Spanish – 5 WAYS OF LEARNING SPANISH


The only rule to learn any non-native language is to start speaking it from Day 1. Applying a language to daily practical use is something we should aim for. Isolating yourself to learn a new language is of no use. Instead, you can think of creative ways to use Spanish in your daily life. Well, here are a few tips that you add in your daily life to witness change,

  • You may change the display language of your computer to Spanish.
  • Listen to Spanish podcasts or YouTube videos that may interest you.
  • Basic Spanish words like – Desayuno (breakfast), ir (go). Add at least 5 or more words of the Spanish language to your daily routine.
  • Start with speaking Spanish connectors like – and, but, so


The best way to connect Spanish to your daily life is to make friends who will encourage you to speak the Spanish language. Convince them to speak it with you for at least half of each time you guys hang out. If not, make sure you help them with 2-3 Spanish words each time you meet.

Also, if possible, make friends who are native speakers of Spanish to help you with the actual Spanish accents and pronunciations. And it is never too bad to make friends, right?


New vocabulary is essential if you are learning a new language, so it is a good idea to set yourself with a goal of words that you need to learn. 10 is a great number to start with vocabulary goals. Start with jotting down words in Spanish, revise and try to use them in your daily life.

Whenever you come across a new Spanish word, jot it down! Make sure you visualize it and store it in your memory. This is going to be a longing process, but it will surely help for a lifetime.


If you are aiming to learn Spanish intensively, you may stay in a country where Spanish is spoken usually. Trust us, this one is the easiest. You could learn Spanish in Spain, enjoy the culture and language hand in hand. Yes, we agree, this is going to be an expensive one. But, imagine, how beautiful this experience it would be.

You may also look to countries such as Argentina, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, or Mexico to name but a few of many options. Treat this option as an investment, if your goal is to learn Spanish quickly. By the way, did we mention, you may always include your Spanish speaking skills on your CV or job portfolio to get better options at a better pay scale.


If you are someone, who loves working on deadlines, this one is for you. An official exam will not only help you with a deadline but also, it’s a perfect way to give your language learning a direction. The Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma (DELE) is the official exam recognized globally to make your CV look great.

An official exam certifies your Spanish speaking skills, achievements, and your investment in a non-native language like, Spanish.

Exams are tough but don’t worry, you will get through. Learning Spanish is beautiful and easy. You just need the right guidance. And there are various language experts to help you with it. Fluent Fast Academy is the best when it comes to providing the best Spanish language learning courses at affordable prices. They also provide a certificate with a job guarantee on completing the Spanish language learning course. So, what are you waiting for? Join today and give wings to your dreams by learning Spanish with us.

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  1. Neha Sharma

    Hello Team Fluent Fast Academy, I really liked this post. I would like to prepare for DELE exam. So I complete B2 level at Fluent Fast Academy so can I apply for this exam? Do you prepare for the same?

    • admin

      Thanks for your message and liked our post. Yes you can apply for DELE exam after completing B2 level with us. You can call or WhatsApp at 7834806482

  2. Sakshi Mangalani

    Hi, I really appreciate it. I would like to learn Spanish from scratch. Please guide how can I get into the course because I really liked your reviews

  3. Ketika Ahuja

    I would like to recommend Fluent Fast Academy for all who want to learn Spanish online and at affordable price. Ashish sir has helped me a lot here due to him I could get a job in MNCs with a nice package.

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