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A2 Spanish Course

Spanish Elementary Level A2

The Certified Spanish language learning course presented by Fluent Fast Academy is a stage that gives one the right guidance to learn Spanish. Fluent Fast Academy is a platform that provides one with the right teacher to learn Spanish. We have initiated to give potential open doors to people to learn Spanish at their speed successfully at various levels.

The Certified Spanish language learning course offers numerous specialists to direct one with the Spanish jargon, conversational Spanish, composing, and the different elocutions in the Spanish language.

A2-level Spanish course gives you the right disposition and takes you a step further by presenting you with effective Spanish mastering abilities. The A2 level Spanish course takes a look at your capability in basic Spanish as well as feeds your expertise to convey in Spanish unquestionably.

The best way to learn Spanish fast is through interactive learning. In our A2 course, we provide interactive session whether you choose online classes or offline. We discuss different topics in a simple way so that students can start speaking and become confident. At the end of the day, you will feel confident in speaking daily Spanish due to our efficient teaching method.


  • Weekdays Mon To Fri (5 days a week) 2 months
  • Weekend classes (2 hours on each day) 2 months
Course Content

  • Los verbos reflexivos
  • La hora (Time)
  • Los adverbios de frecuencia
  • La rutina diaria
  • Los verbos del ocio
  • Los deportes
  • La musica
  • El verbo encantar
  • Hacer/Estar + tiempo (weather)
  • Los numeros
  • El presente continuo
  • El sistema solar
  • Tipos de animales
  • Los adverbios relativos de lugar
  • Ir + a + verbo
  • Verbo + preposiciones
  • Los numeros ordinales
  • Las conjunciones
  • Las acciones en secuencia
  • El futuro
  • El preterito perfecto
  • Los medios de transporte
  • Tipos de locales comerciales
  • Los vocabularios

Cultural Content

  • Spanish music
  • Spanish food
  • Spanish people
  • Spanish culture and festivals
  • Why visit Spain

Grammatical Content


  1. Presente Irregular (más frecuentes).
  2. Usos de saber y conocer.
  3. Algunos verbos modales: poder, querer, tener que.
  4. Verbos reflexivos más frecuentes.
  5. Verbo GUSTAR.
  6. También, tampoco.
  7. Condicional básico.
  9. Preterito Perfecto (Los verbos regulares e irregulares)
  10. Imperativos (Positivo y negativo)
  11. Preterito Indefinido
  12. Preterito Imperfecto
  13. Preterito Imperfecto irregulares
  14. Mercadores temporales de frecuencia
  15. Usos del imperfecto (Soler + infinitivo)
  16. Condicionales
  17. Pronombres de objeto directo
  18. Reflexivos 
  19. Tener que, deber, tener ganas de, apetecer + infinitivo
  20. Futuro de los verbos en -ar, -er, -ir
  21. Ir a + infinitivo
  22. Pensar + infinitivo
  23. Estar pensando en + infinitivo etc.

Activities In The Class

The A2 Level Certified Spanish language learning course has made learning Spanish so much fun. It assists people with filling in their intellectual and expert professions. The A2 Level Spanish course enjoys many benefits which have been listed below:

  • Fluent Fast Academy assists one with creating basic scientific reasoning
  • Fluent Fast Academy assists one with understanding and deciphering long sections and bits of writing in
  • Fluent Fast Academy will assist you with communicating your thoughts fluently in Spanish.
  • Fluent Fast Academy will help you to use your knowledge of Spanish flexibly in scholastic as well as expert
  • We will assist one to understand implicit meanings more

Therefore, The A2 level Certified Spanish language learning course plays a major role to convert you into an Advanced Speaker of the Spanish Language.

Who we are?

Fluent Fast Academy is a great stage to extend one’s Spanish jargon. We make it simple for one to discuss fluidly with the local speakers of Spanish. We build spontaneity in an individual to have normal connections with local speakers of Spanish without any problem. It offers numerous evaluations and exercises to help one learn and comprehend Spanish better. The A2 Level Spanish course presented by Fluent Fast Academy assists one to present clear and detailed descriptions of various complex subjects. In general, it is an amazing stage to change over one into a familiar Spanish speaker.


Fluent Fast Academy is beneficial for every student to demonstrate a varying level of aptitude in any given domain of the Spanish Language. Certified Spanish language learning course offered by Fluent Fast Academy furnishes you with:

  • Live Interactive classes
  • Expert faculty
  • Free Hard copy study material
  • Group discussions and monthly assessment tests
  • Personal doubt sessions
  • Practical learning methods
  • Affordable Prices
  • Government verified certificate
  • 100% job assistance
  • FREE Demo class


Fluent Fast Academy is a suitable stage to complete discussions in Spanish openly and smoothly, without clear bumbling for words. A2 Spanish language learning course will assist one with learning the Spanish language easily in a social, expert, or scholastic setting. One will be a capable speaker about complex subjects and all-around organized contentions.


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