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Spanish Classes in Delhi

Best Spanish Classes in Delhi

All you need to know about Spanish Language and Fluent Fast Academy

Spanish is one of the most famous and commonly learned languages in western countries. The Spanish language is also known as Castilian due to its origin in the Castile region of Spain. Spanish is generally the official language for almost 20 and over countries and the good thing about this language is that Spanish after Mandarin Chinese is the second most spoken language in the whole world.

So as this is quite a famous language in various countries and also the native language among them so in order to learn this language there are many Spanish courses in Delhi and you can easily register yourself in them. But if you are looking for the best institute to learn Spanish in Delhi then go ahead with our Fluent Fast Academy which is a Spanish institute in Delhi and provides you with the best.

You can easily go on and join our Spanish Language course in order to learn Spanish without any problems. There are classes provided to you at different hours so you can say that we provide you with the best of service and faculty when you are looking for Spanish classes in Delhi at a much more affordable price.

Why you should go ahead in learning Spanish

Spanish is basically a language considered as the dominant language and also called as such due to its immense usage in many of the countries and not to forget that many countries use this language as their native language too. If you go ahead and learn this language then-new career opportunities in such cities will definitely open for you moreover you will also not face any type of language barriers or problems related to the language, if you go on and visit such countries where Spanish is a dominant or native language. And most importantly learning a new language and that too Spanish will itself increase your knowledge much more.

Spanish is basically said to be a much more easy language in comparison to the other languages as it mostly is the same as that of English because Spanish and English language is said to the same roots so if you know English then not very much but it is somewhat easy for you to learn the Spanish language.

Want to go ahead and join Spanish language classes? Here is why you should join them

If you learn the Spanish language then you have easy and good access to much more courier options that deal with you speaking or knowing the Spanish language. Also learning this language would also give you a great opportunity to understand Spanish art, music, literature, or other activities which involves the involvement of this language

So isn’t it great if you can experience and get to know all of this just by learning this simple and great language?

Fluent Fast Academy Institute for Spanish learning

Now as you know that learning this easy and dominant language i.e. Spanish can be a great option for you and can be a good opportunity for you in the advancement of your career and remove hassles when traveling to such destinations in these language barriers then stop waiting and thinking further now?

Go and get yourself registered in our Spanish language learning course in Delhi today as we provide you with the best when it comes to the Spanish classes in Delhi and Spanish courses in Delhi then we Fluent Fast Academy are definitely the best in this field.

So, now a lot of people are going ahead and learning this language on a high level. So there is no point in waiting right? Go on and get yourself registered in the Spanish language course in Delhi today and join our Fluent Fast Academy Spanish classes in Delhi today.




  1. Shivani

    Hi, Fluent Fast Academy, I am Shivani from Delhi. As I have heard about you guys provide affordable courses in Spanish as well as provide job assistance, could you please share A1 level course fee and duration online? And do you conduct any exam?

    • admin

      Yes, the online Spanish fee for every level is 12,500/- (it can be paid in two installments), You can check our courses on our website, for further information please call us or visit us

  2. Puja Singh

    Hola, I am Puja from Delhi, I have done A2 level from Instituto Cervantes, I came to know that you guys take very affordable fees, Please let me know How I can join, and as you have mentioned two addresses on your website so where should I visit? I would like to visit to your institute.

    • admin

      Hola Puja, yes sure, You can visit to our Institute, Our address B-1070, First Floor, Opp Metro Pillar No 158, near New Ashok Nagar metro station, Delhi – 110096
      For more information please call +91-7834806482

  3. Priyanka

    Hello, I want to Join your Spanish Classes, but first let me know where I can work after learning it and what level I should complete? Please guide Thanks

  4. Sanjana Roy

    Dear Sir/maam, I want to Join for Spanish Spoken Classes, I have done A2 level in Spanish from cervantes but as their fee is too high, I would like to join Fluent Fast Academy, as I have heard that your courses are very affordable than Instituto Cervantes. Could you please let me know How I can appear for next level in your academy? Thanks

    • admin

      Dear Sanjana Roy, Thanks for your message. You have to go for a level test to enroll in our Academy in the next level. You can do this online or offline. For more information please contact us +91-7834806482 (whatsapp)

  5. Preeti

    Hello I am Preeti from Delhi, I would like to know about Spoken Spanish classes because, I have done B1 level from Cervantes and still I do not feel confident in Speaking Spanish, Could you please let me know about Spoken Spanish course? Do you have any specific Spanish Spoken course?

    • admin

      Hola Preeti, Thanks for your message. Yes, we have a Spanish Spoken course. If you have done A2 level or B1 level from any institute, you can join our Spanish spoken course, I am mentioning a link to check the details for the same also this course is conducted on weekends every Saturday and Sunday two hours a day, course duration 16 sessions. https://www.fluentfastacademy.com/spanish-spoken-course/
      If you need any information regarding fee and level test you can call us or whatsapp +91-7834806482

  6. Rohit Kumar

    Hey team, I am Rohit, I would like to join A1 level in Spanish and would like to ask when you are starting a new batch in April?

    • admin

      Hi Rohit, Thanks for your message. We are starting a new batch on weekdays and weekends. Please call for more information at +91-7834806482

  7. Vishal pandey

    Hii….I am vishal….i am eager to learn spanish language course but my issue is i am doing job and also my age is 30…is there any age limit to learn spanish?

    • admin

      Hello Vishal
      You can learn Spanish at any age. We have many students who are elder than you and at the same age as you. If you need more info you can call us @7834806482

  8. admin

    Hello Fluent Fast Academy
    My name is Pooja Sharma from Kolkata, I would like to join your Spanish online course. I have seen your reviews on Instagram and I really liked the reviews of the people. Kindly send me the details. Thanks

    • admin

      Hello Pooja
      Thanks for your interest in our course. Kindly check the details in the course section of the website or you can call us to know more @ 7834806482 (this number is also available on whatsapp)

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