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TEF Exam Preparation

TEF Exam Preparation

Looking for TEF Exam Preparation Online?

Learning French is a trend now. Appearing for French examinations and being a top-rated French language speaker is a must now. French has been included as one of the subjects in Secondary school in almost all International Schools.

Apart from these students and individuals who want to learn French are most welcome to be a part of Fluent Fast Academy’s successful family.

What is TEF?

The TEF is an official foreign test that is used to assess your degree of French fluency. It was founded by the Paris Chamber of Commerce.

TEF normally consists of 5 tests namely, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral expression, written expression, and Glossary and Structure. Fluent Fast Academy will help you deal with all 5 tests of TEF easily and efficiently. TEF has its various uses and is useful in many ways including you get to learn a different language and be an expert in that.

Why you should get through TEF?

The other advantages that follow are: It is quite useful when you are aiming to attain the Swiss and French nationality, wanting to obtain the French residency, wanting to obtain a good score in academics, wanting to just learn French as a hobby, or a wish to learn a new language.

Whatever your reason for learning French would be we are dedicatedly awaiting to help you out at all stages of your French learning.

Why Fluent Fast Academy?

We are an experienced team of French Teachers who are dedicated and willing to put all our time and energy to teach French and make you excel in your TEF examination.

Fluent Fast Academy is one of the best TEF Exam preparation Centre in Delhi for learning online and offline. We also have online classes which go air via Skype and which will not be any different from the physical classes.

We have all the experienced teachers who will guide you step by step via Skype and the teacher will also be responsible for holding your progress report.

Of course, we don’t have any stipulated time duration in which a person can learn French easily, and we do not provide or expect any student to learn in a strict deadline as we believe a student learns by his / her own pace, a language needs a flow and heart to be learned, a language is something you need to be fluent in listening, writing and speaking and thus we do not have a stipulated period of time to finish our course as it depends on the grasping level of the student.

Though we do not have a stipulated period, we can assure you that you can learn the language and prepare yourselves for the TEF examination well enough to attain B2 in 150-180 hours.

We have a high-quality course for learning French and clearing your TEF examination with a better score. We also provide group as well as private tutors who are bilingual (this would help you understand and learn better) and are waiting eagerly to teach you.

The group classes can build up on your understanding of language and communicating with each will help you speak the language in a much better way.

Our teaching module will be customized according to your requirements as it will be according to your chosen days, time, and your chosen number of sessions.

Our online TEF examination preparation sessions will be taken by the French tutors who are native speakers and also know English and also the ones who are well experienced and are willing to cross any hurdles just to make you learn and score well. They have a different way of teaching for every different student as they are aware of the ways that the student will learn better and faster and adapt to that way.

More features:

Our online TEF exam preparation classes will save your time spent commuting, will help you learn in your comfort zone, get the personalized attention of your tutor, and can speak French anyhow as there would be no one to judge or laugh at your wrong choice of words or pronunciation.

We ensure that the learning materials are sent to the students in advance so that they too, can have a look at them prior to the beginning of the class to have good efficiency in learning during the class.

Being one of the best TEF examination preparation centres in Delhi we aim to provide the best of our support to gain maximum and assured results.

What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and excel in your French Language skills by scoring well in your TEF examination by enrolling with us and being a part of our successful family.

We dream of you scoring well in the TEF examination and striving hard to make our dream a reality by working hard every day with increasing enrolments.

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  1. Khushbu

    Hi Fluent Fast Academy, I found your website when I was searching for TEF exam preparation online. Could you please tell me how I can apply for TEF exam and where?

    • admin

      You can visit your nearest alliance Francaise branch or you can call them. Or if you want to learn French with us or want to prepare for TEF exam, please call us for your class. Thanks

  2. Soni Singh

    Hello team, My name is Soni Singh. I want to know the details regarding TEF exam preparation. Do you provide general french classes or any specific course for TEF exam preparation only?

    • admin

      We provide both, if you want to prepare for TEF preparation only, we have a course. Or if you want to learn online French language. Please feel free to call us or whatsapp at +91-7834806482

  3. Akshita Sharma

    Hello, My name is Akshita Sharma from Punjab. I am looking for the TEF exam preparation classes. Please let me know how I can enroll for the same in your institute. I prefer online classes and evening one on one class. Thanks

    • admin

      Hello Akshita, Thanks for your message. Yes, we offer a TEF exam preparation course online. For one on one sessions, we give four classes a week as per your suitability. You can enroll by contacting us at +91-7834806482 (whatsapp)

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