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We are experienced professionals to help students for higher studies overseas and we are one stop solution for your overseas education needs. We help students to find and apply with more than 10,000 courses options, 650+ Universities across 28 countries in the world including the most ought-after academic destinations for international students like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe etc. We shortlist course/University according to student’s Preference such as Percentage, Interest, Budget and Location.

Fluent Fast Academy also brings a complete end-to-end solution, providing the following facilities & services which form a holistic and comprehensive student experience. Our process includes: career counselling, country selection, course selection, university selection, application to university, SOP/LOR assistance, admission formalities, scholarship assistance, education loan assistance , mock visa interview, Foreign Exchange, insurance, travel arrangement, accommodation, pre departure briefing, post landing assistance.

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Study In Abroad

Why Learn Foreign Languages

Learning foreign languages can be fun or make you employable. Yes it is right after learning foreign languages you make your career in big industries and as well as you can earn more.Learning a foreign language opens up many of career opportunities. Speaking two or more languages can improve your employment prospects. The world is changing fast and more companies and businesses are doing business in many countries around the world. And companies cannot do their business without those people who speak foreign languages. You can meet new people and get to know their culture, food and hospitality.

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